Aluminum can crushers. An important tool for your life

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How do you crush your aluminum cans? Using hands or feet? Have you ever injured while doing this? Do you know there is a solution to can crushing or ever heard about aluminum can crushers? A can crusher is a device that used to compress aluminum, soda, plastic or any kinds of food and drinks can save space.

Now a day, most of the foods are caned and all kind of drinks also caned. They all take lots of space in recycle bin. Also, it is difficult to bring them to recycling point and cost more money for extra trips.  In this case, best can crusher can is your only solution.

The aluminum can crusher makes crushing process easier and faster. Also, it saves space, time and money for extra trips. Besides, you will get extra money by exchanging them in recycling factory. It plays a vital role in the environment as recycling save natural resources and saves the environment.

Types of aluminum can crushers

There are many types of can crusher. They differ one from another by producing materials, sizes, installation process, and operation. But, one thing is common that they all work to save space and make easy storing for recycling old cans.

can crusher
Different types of Can Crusher

Operational types of aluminum can crusher:

There are four types of Aluminum can crushers by operation:

  1. Manual can crusher
  2. Semi-automatic can crusher
  3. Automatic can crusher
  4. Electric and non-electric can crusher

Manual can crusher:

This is the simplest and cheapest can crusher. Manual can crushers are the common and mostlymanual Can Crusher used crusher. That means you need to empty can by own hand. Even, due to being the manual operation, you have to do everything manually to operate. It allows inserting and crushing only one can at a time. Also, using body force you have to pull the lever and compress the can. Then, need to take out the compressed can manually. Thus, you have to follow the same process to compress the next can. It takes lots of time if you need to crush many cans.

A semi-automatic can crusher:

Semi-automatic can crusher offers collection tray on the top of the crusher which differentiates it from the manual crusher. This tray can hold multiple cans at a time. Different crusher has different capacity. For example, some crusher can hold only 4 cans whereas some are able to hold more than 10 cans. Semi-automatic crusher is able to crush can faster than manual crusher. Because after compressing one can don’t need to place new one into the crusher. Though, you have to crush pull the lever and crush the can manually, but crushed can dispose automatically of that’s why this types of cans called semi-automatic.

Automatic can crusher:

automatic can crusher This type of can crusher able to crush automatically using pneumatic engines and air pressure. It able to compress faster than other can crushers with less effort. This crusher can crush a lot of cans at a time. If you need to compress the huge amount of aluminum cans, just plug it into the electric socket, then, put the cans into the crusher and press the button to compress all cans once. Also, it able to compress different sizes and materials cans. Even, can crush steel materials, different sizes buckets etc. It works great to compress plenty of cans within few times. But, automatic can crusher is very expensive. This type of crusher made for some limited or specific customers.

Electric and non-electric can crusher:

If you want to determine the electric and non-electric property of can crusher you will find that manual and semi-automatic are non-electric. Also, those are operated using hands. On the other hand, automatic can crushers are fully electric and operate automatically.

Type of can crusher by size

According to the ability to crush cans of different sizes, it can be divided into many categories.  12 oz is the common size of the soda can crusher, so most of the crusher made for crushing this size. Another mostly used crusher that can compress 16 oz cans.

Besides, it able to crush 12 oz size also. 16oz can crusher is more durable and made of more quality materials than 12 oz can crusher. Also, some can crusher able to compress larger beer and soda cans. 32 oz can crusher able to compress every size of cans from 7 oz to 32 oz sizes.

There is also another type of crusher, automatic can crusher. That is able to compress more than 32 oz size and lot of can once. This type of crusher is known as industrial can crusher. But, the automatic crusher is more expensive than regular crusher.

Different types of can crusher by materials

Knowing what is the manufacturing material of the can crusher is important. Because it indicates durability and quality. Also, it helps you to determine where and in what condition you should use it. Besides, if you know about the materials it becomes easy to properly maintain the can crusher.

Can crusher divided into two types according to manufacturing materials-

  1. Metal
  2. Plastic

Metal can crusher:

This type of crusher is made of stainless steel. If you want long lasting can crusher then metal can crusher is perfect for you. It is very sturdy and high durability. Moreover, it is more durable than the plastic one.

Although, the all-metal crusher is not better than plastic crusher. Also, this crusher is good for outdoor use. But, tends to rust is the main problem of this crusher. When two metals come to close they create noise. Also, it is difficult to operate. That’s why they require lubricant.

Plastic can crusher:

Plastic can crusher is made of high quality and durable plastic. Most of the plastic can crusher manufacturing materials are nylon which allows using the crusher in outdoor. It works well and has high durability like steel can crusher.

This type of crusher is lightweight and cheaper than steel crusher. But, plastic can crusher which made of low quality and cheap plastic is not durable and tends to break down.  Overall, the advantage of plastic can crusher that needs no lubrication and it does not tends to rust.

Types of Aluminum can crusher by placement

Some can crusher comes with horizontal installation and some are vertical. Also, some are both vertical and horizontal. There are three types of can crusher by placement.

  1. Vertical
  2. Horizontal
  3. Multi-position

Vertical can crusher:

It is the most common and popular type of can crusher. Usually, it needs to install on the wall. Also, it allows installing on wood, plastic and different types of materials. Moreover, you can install it anywhere you want like the wall of the kitchen, garage, store room etc. Keep a garbage bin under the crusher so that after crushing compressed beer can or soda can fall into it.

Some people forget to completely empty the used cans for those some vertical can crusher comes with collection bean. Also, don’t need to worry about touching leaked, dirty and used cans, because after compressing they automatically drop into the collection bin. That makes the crushing process easier, faster and cleaner.

Horizontal can crusher:

This type of can crusher is not popular as vertical can crusher. It needs to install in horizontal places but there is no easy way to dispose of crushed cans. So, you need take out can manually and place it into the collection bin. But some vertical can crusher able to do this automatically, even no need to do anything manually.

However, it let you place in table or desk. Also, you can use it using the foot that’s why this type of can crusher is known as the foot operated can crusher. Also, crushing with foot using horizontal crusher is easier than crushing with hand using vertical crusher.


Multi-position crusher let you install the crusher both vertical and horizontal position. According to characteristics and feature, this crusher is similar to the horizontal crusher. Although, multi-position can crushers allows operating the cans both vertically and horizontally.

How does a can crusher work?

Solid surface:

Crushing can be using can crusher is pretty easy and simple. It needs a solid and strong surface to apply force. Depending on models, manufacture made striking surface using different materials. For example, hard plastic, alloy metal or steel. The can crusher must have the striking surface for crushing operation.


The way of apply pressure to compress can depend on the model or types of the device. The mechanism of the inexpensive device is pretty simple. When pulling the lever, your force creates pressure against the striking surface to crush the cans.


More expensive model of can crusher uses the hydraulic or electric motor to crush cans. The user places the can into the device. Then, after pressing the switch of the crusher, it automatically crushes the can.


Expensive and high quality can crusher offers container which attached to the crusher. Compressed cans fall into this container after crushing. But, inexpensive can does not provide the container.

Hope, you have got enough information about different types of can crusher characteristics, working process, benefits etc. These make easy to determine what types of can crusher best suits with your needs. Here is a list of best can crushers that will help you to choose your desired one.

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