How you select the best Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

We all love to make the floor of our house or office aesthetic. There are so many materials we can use for the purpose, but hardwood is most common. Is there anyone who wants to damage the beautiful floor? But, we rarely realize that our floor is getting damages day by day by the chair we use daily. If you want to protect the floor, the best chair mat for hardwood floors can be the best solution.

Having the chair mats can be optional when you live or work on the stone or marvel floor. That doesn’t mean you can ignore it. But, when you have a hardwood floor, then you should use the chair mats between the floor and chair wheels.

Why are we advising you to use chair mats, only for the protection of the floor? Doesn’t it enough if the answer is “YES”? But, there are so many benefits you will get from chair mats that you can know from this guide.

The most important fact is you have to select the best chair mat for hard floors especially when you have a hardwood floor. All the chair mats are not perfect for the hardwood floor. But, which are the best?

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How to choose the best chair mat for hardwood floors:

All the chair mats are not suitable for all types of the floor that we told before. You should be confirmed that the item you are going to buy is the perfect chair mat for the hardwood floor. But, how can you confirm that?

Remember, before buying any product you should review some factors always. So, why not for chair mats? Just consider the following points and get the best chair mats.

  • Floor-type

First of all, you think what kind of floor you have, hard or carpet? You have a hardwood floor. So, you need that kind of chair mats which never damage your floor at the same time provide comfort. Right? That is why you never choose the chair mats which have spikes or anchors on its back surface which damage the floor. On the other side, it is also a wise decision to choose the transparent chair mats so that the aesthetic of your floor can be seen.

  • Chair mats materials

Chair mats are constructed from different kinds of materials such as polycarbonate, plastic, fiber, wood, and glass. You may choose any of them, but it should have a smooth back surface. If you ask for the best material, we recommend polycarbonate. It is more flexible, strong enough, and you find more variety.

  • Thickness

Thickness is also a great matter. A thicker chair mat is always preferable than the less thick mat. A thicker chair mat always provides extended service, and it is also easy to lay down.

  • Chair mat shape

Multiple chair mats come with multiple shapes and various designs. The most common shapes are rectangular, circular, and oval. But, rectangular is the most popular shape. This shape also provides more space than other shapes. Some of the chair mats also come with a lip. Lip is the extended part of a chair mat which allows sliding of the chair under the desk. So, your chair and floor both are safe.

  • Size

Basically, the size of a chair mat depends on how much space you require to move while sitting on a chair. If you select the small mat, but you need to go leaving the mat, then you won’t get the benefit of having a chair mat. For the reason, choose the right size mat according to the moving area.

  • Edges of the mat

This is the other important factors before choosing the best mat. Generally, there are two types of edges are available, straight edge and sloped edge. Slope edge chair mats are perfect for the soft floor like a carpeted floor. On the other hand, the straight edge easily suits the hard floor. But, you will not face any difficulty while using slope edge on a hard floor. Our recommendation is slope edge because it never disturbs while you are walking, but the straight edge does.

Advantages of using the best chair mat for hardwood floors:

A chair mat not only protects the floor, but it also provides other benefits such as easy rolling, prevents falling on the floor, enhances the beauty and so on. Here we discuss all the advantages which help to decide whether it is really a needed item or not!

Protect the hardwood floors: Protect the hardwood floors

You may need to move while sitting on the chair that may cause damage to the floor. But, when you use a char mat, the wheels of the chair don’t glide over the floor directly. That is why it does not produce any scratch over the floor. It also prevents the hardwood floor from wear and tears. Benefit?

Provide mobility:

All the chair mats are made of such material that improves rolling capabilities over the mat. Some of the cases your floor may not smooth, and as a result, you may fall while moving. There is no chance of occurring this accident if you use a chair mat.

Save repair cost:

If your floor gets damaged by the chair, you will have to pay a big amount to repair the floor. But, you can get a chair mat at an affordable cost. Doesn’t it a great benefit?

Protect the chair wheels from broken:

Many people have the experience of breaking chair wheels because they don’t have the experience of using the chair mat. But, the smooth surface of the mat ensures rolling easily and keeps the wheels protected rather than of being broken.

Enhance beauty:

You make the floor of your home or office with wood to make it aesthetic, right? You can use the transparent mat to visualize the floor. On the other hand, you may also get some wonderful chair mats which also increase the beauty of your floor.


A chair mat is very easy to clean than the floor. It also prevents the floor from being dirty. If you use the chair mat, you just need to clean the mat but not the floor.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: Can I use a carpet chair mat on the hardwood floor?

Answer: No. The carpet chair mats come with gripping property to the back surface which causes scratches or damage to the floor.

Question: What are the different materials used to make chair mats?

Answer: Various materials are used to make chair mat but, wood, polycarbonate, plastic, tempered glasses are noteworthy. Tempered glass mats are highly durable but can also use polycarbonate mats that are also able to give you satisfaction.

Question: Which mats are ideal for hardwood floors?

Answer: You can use any mat except having anchors. That mats damage the floor and cause impressions and scratches.

Question: What are the problems may we get from a chair mat?

Answer: To be honest, the most common problem of a chair mat is curling. All the chair mats tend to curl after a certain period of use. But, polycarbonate and glass mats remain to curl-free for a long long time, and they are almost resistant against curling.

Question: What does “LIP” mean on a chair mat?

Answer: Lip is extended or protrude poa portion of a chair mat. You can slide the chair under the desk over the lip which prevents the floor from damage under the desk.

Final Words

Have you ever think, how many times you move the chair during office time per day? More than 200 times per day. Every time the wheels run contact with the floor. And every time the wheels make scratches more or less that you can’t see primarily.

But, after a certain period, you notice your floor is already damaged and then you can’t do anything. Can you realize now how much essential of the best chair mat for hardwood floors?

On the other hand, you obviously have to repair the floor if it is damaged once. But, the repair cost is many times higher than a chair mat. Now, the decision is yours whether you need this or not! 

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