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Best Outdoor Dog House | How you select the best

There are so many best and worst dog houses on the market. It is so confusing which one is suitable for your dog and also which one would be the best choice. To get the best outdoor doghouse, you will more confuse with it. When it is an outdoor doghouse, then you need to think about different things. These are crucial issues for selecting the best outdoor dog house.

You need to think everything from when and where you are using it. You also think about the dog house’s style, comfort and also other facilities and should think more about your dog’s activity when you placed on it.

As I say before that, there are so many dog houses on the market now. When you browse all the products in a row, then you confuse it. All these hundred are look similar to you when you read all the descriptions. But all are not the same you know that very well. Obviously, there are many great options when you try to buy the best outdoor dog house.

We help you with this article to find the best one. Here, we describe the top five best outdoor dog houses in 2017. We provide the review of all each product and pros, cons so you can pick your best dog home.

Lookout All the tables below.

Now we are presenting you with the best dog house for outdoor use. If you want to read how you buy the best, then you can read our buying guide.

Top Five Best Outdoor Doghouse in 2020:

  1. Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban
  2. Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House
  3. Suncast Large Deluxe Dog House
  4. TRIXIE Pet Products Log Cabin Dog House
  5. Dog Palace Large Dog House

Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban (Best Outdoor Doghouse): 

The Petmate Indigo Doghouse is the option for your dog home for the best outdoor doghouse. Petmate is an igloo-shaped house contain a coordinating door and dog pad to provide complete relaxation for your dog in different weather like rain, summer and also in snowfall.

This igloo-shaped dog house made of the materials named micro ban. This material makes this dog home best in the market. Microban help against random bacteria, odors, dust, mold, fungi and also other harmful objects.

Petmate Indigo Dog House
  • Best for all weather.
  • Water Resistant
  • Three Different Sizes
  • Made of Structural Foam

This home has an extended doorway which gives your dog some extra space in the inner part of it. There is also a roof vent that continuously provides fresh air for the breathing of your pet.

The building materials of this Petmate Indigo is water-resistant so that your pet will remain dry from torrential rains also.

This Igloo shape dog house comes in three different sizes such as small, medium, large. These three sizes will fit for different size dogs 25 pounds to 125 pounds, all the way up. Each size Petmate Indigo Doghouse is made of structural foam. This structural foam will keep the pet warm in winter and also make a cool environment during summer.
You need to choose this igloo-shaped dog house based on your pet weight.


For the small breeds, your pet may get too much space in it. It is mainly focused on medium and large breeds. You can overcome this issue by filling extra space with some dog house add-on.

This Dog house is not elevated but has protection on the doorway. Vents are in the top of the roof so you need to be careful about heavy rainfall and breeze.

This almost best all-weather dog house nowadays. The best quality materials are using for building this igloo-shaped dog house. The best quality foam materials provide the best insulation for your dog. It can keep your dog cool during summer and hot in winter. If you need more ventilation then a ventilation point exists on top. You can easily clean this house. Besides this Microban materials keep away bacteria, mold, and other harmful insects. If your dog is large in size, this dog house is the best for it. You can read some customer reviews about this dog house to get the full idea of this igloo-shaped dog house.

There are some cons are existing on this Petmate indigo dog house. However, they are minor and can easily fixable. You will not want to take it seriously than for making this dog house as your final choice. This igloo-shaped dog house has a round-shaped entrance and it can cover all sides except the round door. When you want to buy the best quality product then Petmate indigo will be your best choice. There are some minor cons are here but still, we recommended you to buy this one for your dog.


Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House (Best Wooden House)

Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House is the wooden best outdoor doghouse ever made. If you like to buy a wooden dog house then it will be best. Like the previous dog house, this wood made dog house comes in three different sizes. The large one is 45.5 inches by 44 inches and 33 inches tall. 70 to 90 pounds dog can easily fit in this dog house. The medium one is slightly smaller than the large one. It is 45.5 inches by about 27 inches and 27.5 inches tall. This medium size wooden dog house is perfect for 40 to 70 pounds dogs.

Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House
  • Easy to assemble and appealing.
  • Many helpful accessories for purchase to customize the dog house.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Raise floor will provide extra protection.
  • Stylish design and durable.
  • Elevated for ground protection

 Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog house is very popular among the dog owner who likes to buy a wooden house for their dogs. This one is stylish and also durable. The durability of this Precision Outback Dog House makes it another best option for outdoor Doghouse.

When you are looking for a house that can protect your pet from different weather like summer, cold, rain or snow. Then this stylish wooden Doghouse with the sturdy element will serve the best. Buying this Precision Outback Doghouse is a good investment. It is also very affordable for the quality presented. The waterproof feature will reduce your tension during the rain and storm.

Practical design concepts and easy assembling features will help you to reduce extra costs. Three different sizes can assure you that it will be fit for your dog. If you do not know how to select the best option then you might like to read our post:
Best Dog house buying guide. This article will help you to select the best size and measure your pet easily.

Another feature of this wooden back dog house is add-ons. You can add insulation kits to keep warming inside during cold or snow and outback Dog house door for protection for your pet from others’ danger.

As I described earlier that easy assembling features are it’s another great point. You are able to assemble this one within thirty minutes. This feature will allow you to easily transfer and also easy cleaning.

Features are not over yet. Plastic feet keep the house above from the ground level and give extra protection. It will help it to protect from water flow and keep it dry.


This wooden dog house floor and wallboard are made with a thin cedar board. The durable period is also a questionable thing. Cedar is not very high-quality wood and it might prone to warping with the time.
Another interesting problem you might face for using this dog house. Your dog might love to chew the cedar board. The smell of the cedar board draw the attraction of your dog and it starts chewing. If your dog is love to chew then this one is not for you.

The Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House is very quality dog house by the compare of its price. There are no technical experience and tools are needed to assemble this one. All the accessories are nice and make an appeal. If you are looking for affordable, stylish and durable dog house then you definitely try this one.


  • Easy to assemble and appealing.
  • Many helpful accessories for purchase to customize the dog house.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Raise floor will provide extra protection.
  • Stylish design and durable.
  • Elevated for ground protection.


  • Cedar is not high quality wood.
  • Thin and prone to warping.
  • Available in only one color scheme.

We discuss all possible kind features of Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House. If you love to buy this stylish and durable dog house in your budget then you definitely go for it. You can buy from below button and also can read user reviews.

Suncast Large Deluxe Dog House:

Now, I am going to discuss another smart one and named Suncast Large Deluxe Dog House. This one is a larger version and for more information, you need to read the entire review carefully. It is 3rd best outdoor doghouse I discuss in this post.
  • Durable vinyl material
  • Simple design but stylish
  • Vinyl Door includes
  • Vents for proper air circulation
  • Removable roof and crowned floor
     A high-quality dog house will provide safety and comfort for your dog. It is also a cozy spot for rest and gets protection from extreme weather conditions.  Suncast Large Deluxe Dog House will provide shelter and make clean and dry all time.

    The Suncast Large Deluxe Dog House is built with a strong resin. It has a removable roof, vents, vinyl door, and crowned floors. We make a survey of many dog house owner and this model get the best number of them. Lots of dog owners recommend it as the best dog house. This Suncast Delux can accommodate dogs that weight is up to 100 pounds.

    The vinyl door will provide shelter form the different threats and keep them dry and clean all the time.

    This dog house is easy to assemble. This one is come up with two individual segments and you two snap it together. You need no tools to assemble it. It means that it is very easy and needs no technical knowledge to assemble it.

    It has a plastic doorway that can provide warmth for the dog during the winter and snow. In our survey, we got that many people claimed that this dog house has quite a big space and provide enough room for big pets.

    This Suncast Large Deluxe dog house is really sturdy pet home. It is leak-proof and very strong against the forces of nature. Strong design elements make it deal with the outdoor dog house. In the rainy season, it protects your pets from rain and winter it keeps warm inside. But there is another amazing fact is that in summer it is cooler rather than you expect.

    This one has few vents so it allows entering sufficient air, light easily. Proper air circulation will not feel them suffocated inside and also avoid the accumulation of bad odor.
    This dog house has a special feature. You can write the name of your pet in front of the door.


    No one is perfect and it is so true words. This model is also not perfect and has some problems with it. Sancust makes this model without feet. This means it is not a raised one. When I examine this type then I saw that if you face a big amount of rain then this model is not for you. Excess rain can overflow the floor and make it damp. The damp floor will be extremely uncomfortable for your dog.
    If you want to buy this dog house then you should raise the floor by putting something under it. When you use something under it then make sure that it should plain and smooth.

    Another thing that, when I get the survey report.  This dog house is not well insulated. You should keep this in mind before buy. Although you can overcome this problem by adding the add-on.


    • Durable vinyl material are using for making this one.
    • Very easy to maintain.
    • No technical knowledge is required.
    • Simple design but stylish.
    • Vinyl Door includes.
    • Vents for proper air circulation.
    • Removable roof and crowned floor
    • Channel to catch liquids


    • Not raised floor and direct contact with the ground
    • No sufficient insulation.

    Still you want to set up your mind to buy this stylist and durable vinyl made dog house then you can buy from this button.

    Trixie Pet Products Log Cabin:

    If you give more facilities to your dog then it will more cheerful. If you buy a perfect dog house then your dog will spend more time playing and spending its time outdoors. Large dog breeds such as Labrador retriever or German shepherd like to spend more time outside.

    On the 4th, we review a simple and functional dog house. After reviewing this dog house we found some very interesting things on this Trixie pet products log Cabin.

    TRIXIE Pet Products Log Cabin Dog House
  • Simple but modern design.
  • 66 lbs. only in weight.
  • Groove and draft resistant roof.
  • Weatherproof feature.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Raised floor and protect standby using durable plastic.
  • This one is one of the best outdoor dog house. This one is made of very high-quality pine wood. This pinewood is very high quality and very durable wood. The design of the model is very simple, stylish and modern. This one is a very demandable model in the market. It’s simple but the stylish design can look good with any exteriors.

    The roof of this modern dog house is made of weatherproof materials. Which is strong against rain, heat, snow, etc. Its raised floor also helps a lot from protect your dog from direct contact with the ground and also keep dry on a different season. The built quality of the roof also provides extra protection. All these features will allow being considered as one of the best dog house for any season.

    This house is built of solid pine wood. This pinewood provides maximum durability. Trixie Pet Products Log Cabin is tasted with the weight of large dogs. Another thing that these pine woods are more durable than plastic. It is also ideal for dogs with chewing and scratching habits.

    As I said earlier that is this dog house is elevated. Not many dog house comes with plastic base feet but this one comes with a plastic base. The purpose of these feet is to avoid potential threats. You can read the Dog house buying guide to choosing the best options by own.

    Easy cleaning is another feature of this pine made a dog house. You can easily remove its floor by detaching from it. All the parts are made of waterproof pine wood. So you no need to face trouble with cleaning it. Also, it will be a plus point that you don’t need any tools to disassemble this one.


    You need to consider a couple of things before approaching the TRIXIE Wooden Dog House. This dog house does not come with a door. If you need a dog house with a door then this one is not your type. You can overcome this problem by buying a Dog house doors.

    If you don’t use a door then some harmful insect or another animal can enter the house. That may cause harm to your dog.


    • Simple but modern design.
    • 66 lbs. only in weight.
    • Groove and draft resistant roof.
    • Weatherproof feature.
    • Easy to Clean.
    • To technical knowledge for assembling.
    • Proper ventilation system.
    • Raised floor and protect standby using durable plastic.


    • Door is not comes up with it.
    • Limited color option.
    • Little bit small entrance.

    Dog Palace Large Dog House

    In this list Dog, Palace Large Dog House takes the 5th place. Dog Palace Large Dog House is a great decision for purchasing a quality dog house. It is manufactured in such a way that improve your dog welfare. This big dog house is full of features and its specifications are very straight forward. It will support the pet owner for taking care of their dog very well.

    Dog Palace Large Dog House

    dog palace
  • Easy entrance door.
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Leaked proof design.
  • Half of the door is detachable.
  • Slop base and water drain.
  • Window panel.
  • Built-in Cable organizer
  • pricing
    Every feature of this Dog Palace dog house is enough tested to satisfied with the product. Every dog house owner will be like it as well. If you buy this one then you will get a stylish outside, sturdy structure and also roomy inside. Your dog will also love to live inside on this one.

    Dog palace large dog house features are bringing comforts for the dog and ease for the owner. The size of the hog house gives enough room to move inside. This one is also cozy enough for comfort and keeps warm inside.

    The best parts of this dog house are its insulation. During the cold season, it keeps warm inside and keeps cool during the summer. Material quality and their protection system ensure you of the valuable investment. This means it will be a fine shelter for your dog for a long time.

    With the comparison of some other dog houses, it’s door quality is very good. The door easy to push and closes automatically. This feature provides an easy entrance and exit. You can remove the removable panels from the door and window for extra ventilation in warm weather.

    The slop floor confirms that water will run through the drain when you clean it. The slop base is very easy to assemble without needing extra tools. The Dog palace large dog house has all the features for your pet comfort. If you need then you can buy extra add-ons separately

    A built-in wire organizer is another feature of this cool stuff. You can place an electric heating pad to provide extra warmer inside. This house has a cord port at the lower back corner. You can insert the wire of the pad. The position of the wire avoids the dog for safety.


    There are some minor concerns about the products. The owner of this dog house should be aware of it. Plastic screws are used for attachment of the vents on the door and window. Your dog might be chewing it if it has a chewing tendency.

    The lower part of the half door can be detached and the upper part is attached to the wall and cannot be detached. There are also no vents on the sides of the dog house.


    • 2 to 4 inches insulation made of ream foam
    • Easy entrance door.
    • High-quality plastic material
    • Leaked proof design.
    • No tools needed to assemble.
    • Half of the door is detachable.
    • Slop base and water drain.
    • Window panel.
    • Built in Cable organizer


    • Plastic screw of the door can be chewed off by pet
    • Upper part of the door is not detachable.

    I hope that I and my team provide you the best review information among you. Everyone’s need is different and unique from others. And my team respect that view. We survey among some real users. I hope that in my writing, I am able to give you the most valuable information. You can choose between it or you are able to look another best five from below.

    1. Indoor Outdoor Dog House All Weather
    2. Step 2 Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House
    3. Pets fit Wooden Dog House
    4. Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame
    5. Large Dog House Lodge with Porch

    Keep reading and stay connected with us. You can read another post: How to choose a dog house easy to find out how you able to get the best dog house. And also, you can read this post so you are able to understand the importance of dog house.

    If you like our review then please share with your friends so they also know about these products. You also subscribe to our mailing list so you will get regular updates direct to your mail.

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