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How to decorate your home with best picture frames

Best picture frames are an excellent choice to decorate the home wall like the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen room. So, you can create an eye-catching design with different types and sizes of frames. Also, it becomes a good solution, if you have no idea to decorate your empty wall. Many people like to capture their favorite moments to keep them memorable.

Also, the photograph of the wedding, newborn children, favorite scene, travel, vacation, is spending good times with family and friends, etc. Designing your wall with a favorite photo means you can see them every time and are always with those moments. Those are the excellent reminder of the past and brings back our mind to those old golden times. Putting the photos on your wall gives new beauty looks.

decorate home with frame

When it’s time for decorating home with photos, make sense of selecting pictures with right frames, sizes, and places. As home decoration is the reflection of the mind, you should concern about well matching of theme, sense, atmosphere, and other decoration of the room.

It depends on your own choice. Some arrange their most favorite photos in the large wooden frame, and other photos are in small photo frames. Thus, they make a little photo gallery.

Types of best picture frames:

Picture frames are a great way to present and protect your photo. Different types of photo frames made for various purposes. If you take the time to select the photo frame you will be able to find the desired one. Different types of frames are available on the market. There are small photo frames, large picture frames, cheap picture frames, etc. Here is a list of various kinds of frames. All of them have unique characteristics and features.

Custom frames: photo frameWhen you have no picture frame according to your needs, in that case, you can design a custom frame whether you want. Also, you can design the frames; choose their materials or their size. Overall, you will get a perfect frame that matches great with your artwork.

Clip Frames: If you want to hang the photo on the wall thus clip frame is a good choice. They made with two thin glass sheets. The picture takes place in the middle of the glass sheets. There are small clips on every corner. The clips fit the layers together.

Shadowbox frames: The top of the shadow box covers with glass and hang upright. Mostly they are used to display most essential memories like certificate, license, models, etc. Also, many people like to show quotes in this frame. Two types of mats available on this frame. One is single, and another is double. The background mat works to match your mat with the artwork.

Metal frames: Metal frames are the most popular frames. They are versatile and durable. You can choose from their vast variation of products. Also, find from large to small, formal to simple. If you are confused about the matching frame, in this way the metal frame can be your solution. Because it’s classy style goes with all types of pictures.

Padded picture frames: You can purchase cloth frame matching with room decor. They made with just glue and fabric, and there is no sewing. Also, it can be decorated with an embroidery stitch.

Wood picture frames: wood picture frameWooden photo frames made of solid wood. They are perfect for the office and home. You can use them by hanging on the wall. Also, they can stand on the desk. If you want to change the photo from these frames, you can quickly remove the back of the frame. Then, replace the new picture and attach the back of the frame again.

Digital picture frames: Digital picture frames are not the single frame or not like the physical frame. They can display thousands of photo frame

Also, maintain a sequence to show them like the slideshow. They can view multiple pictures at a time. Also, Digital photo supports audio and video. Besides, they are available in different sizes.

How to choose the best picture frames?

It depends on what are you going to framing. Is it formal or casual? Is it any photograph or painting? A-frame presents and protects from damages its artwork. The first priority is it should be matched with artwork, and the second is its decoration. Also, it would be great if the color and style of the frame match with the overall environment of the room. Best picture frames choosing means not only color and manufacturing material selection. Besides, you need to consider so many things like –

Place of the artwork: Will you place your photo in the living room with modern decoration? Going to make an art gallery? Is it the focal picture of the office which represents your brand? The color and style of home, gallery, or office give you an idea to choose the best frame. If you choose the frame for the gallery, it should be of high quality.  Its clean line should have made of solid wood and mats neutral shades.

best picture frames

Besides, the frames for home and office you can choose according to your taste and residential decoration. Need to select such a design, style, and color of the frame so that well matches with surroundings, pictures, the color of the wall, etc.

Frames: Frames should match with the artwork. The traditional frame suits well with antique art. If using a decorative frame for antique art, you should give a contemporary look at it. In this case, paint white on the ornate frame. Besides, modern art looks good in simple structures. Pale timber is suitable for this type of art. Also, white and black pictures look beautiful with light wood. You can choose a simple box frame for children’s artwork. If you use removable back, you can change the art whenever want.

Sizes: The size of frames depends on the dimensions of your photography or artwork, whichever you want to hang.  A small picture covered with a large frame that looks bad. So, the size of the frames should be matched with its artworks

How to hang pictures on the wall?

Do you like to take pictures a lot? Have you a large empty wall? Do you want to use them and display them on the wall? But exactly don’t know how to use them? If you get the right instruction, you will be confident and master of hanging the picture on the wall.

A photograph with a perfect matches frame gives your room a unique touch. Keep the balance on framing, artwork, and space of your artwork. Also, consider what types of pictures want to display. If you have a group of photos that are the same types, then hang them mixing upon their size. On the other hand, if you have a collection of different sizes, colors of the picture, hang them matching with frames and mats.

The fundamental principle of hanging best picture frame:

  • You should hang the frame at eye level. But, for high ceiling, hang them on more upper.
  • Use a multi-picture frame, if you have a small space. This type of frame saves space and covers many photos within the small area. You will find the multi-picture frame for hanging and desk.
  • Make a group of the frame with color, mat, and style.
  • Sometimes include a variety of shapes of the frame like diamond, rectangular, circle, triangle, etc.
  • Hanging kit is suitable for easy and efficient hanging.

What you need:

  • Artwork/Picture
  • Frames
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Hook(optional, if you don’t like to mark on the wall)
  • Pushpins or a laser level
  • Paper

Step by step instruction:

Step 1: Don’t make an unnecessary hole in the wall. Lay down all frames on the floor. Keep 2-3 inches space around each frame. Arrange a combination of square, diamond, rectangle, circle shapes. Thus make a plan for the final gallery.

Step 2: Once completing the floor plan and if you will be happy with this idea. Then place the frame on the brown craft paper. Cut the paper for each frame.

Step 3: Using a tape arrange them on the wall as you have arranged on the floor. And keep them at eye level. Use tape or roller to measure space between each frame. Also, keep the frame straight. Besides, you should keep in mind the height of your wall. If the wall the ceiling is very tall, move the frames a little bit higher from eye level.

Step 4: After completing Paper College, using nail and hammer drill hook. To prevent cracking make a pilot hole first. Before hanging, add sticky rubber on the bottom of the back part of the frame to prevent pictures from damage. After hanging the picture remove strip tape.

The best picture frames able to change your artwork or give a different look. Many people threats photos of their friend and family essential part of life. The great way to memorize the beautiful moments with them is to make a photo gallery of those days using excellent frames. Photo frames help to present photos more attractively and save and protect from damages. Besides, the photo gallery will be part of your home decor. And also you can choose the table lamp for decorating your home as well.


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