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How you decorate your living room with best table lamps

Have you ever realized that the most stylish and well-decorated living room is getting uncompleted without proper lighting? The right selection of best table lamps can complete living room decoration. You need a combination of different lighting like accent light to highlight specific things.

Task light for the particular working area and ambient light for overall brightness to get a proper illumination and gorgeous, attractive, and unique look. They all create a perfect lighting scheme in your living room together.  Even, a tedious and dull room turns into a cozy, charming and lovely place.

You need to keep in mind some vital buying factors like size, color, style, etc. Also, the placement of the lamp is an important buying factor for table lamps. Also, you need to take into account the overall form of your living room to buy the table lamp. Because it can décor your living room along with lighting.

best table lamps
Decorate Room with Table Lamp

Types of table lamps

Usually, the table lamp is used for reading, writing, etc. But, some people use it to decorate the living room. Not only the living room, but you can also paint the family room, home coffee, bedroom, and home library. Besides, the table lamp used on the counter, nightstand, side table, bedside, etc. Style, shape, and size are essential when choosing table lamps for the bedroom because you need to think about where and how to use them. Here is a list of various types of the table lamp and their feature which make more accessible to find the right table lamp for your living room.

Table lamp style:

Tiffany style:

Louis Comfort Tiffany first designed the Tiffany style table lamp. So, this form of the table lamp is known as Tiffany style. It is made of stained and decorative cutting glass lamp shades. It’s a base made of bronze or metal. Tiffany style table lamp mostly used as accent lighting. If you place the light properly, it works as a great accent light.

Fiber optic style:

Fiber optic table lamp is an excellent decorative piece to use in the dark corner of the living room. The thin hair of the light made of polymers and glass. They reflect light internally and transmit them from base to tip. It comes with both single and multiple color variation which makes the place more attractive where you keep this best table lamp.

Cottage or country style:

It can be made of different materials like glass, wood, ceramics, driftwood, wrought iron, and rope. But, most common manufacturing materials are wood or stoneware. This type of lamp provides a muted color like ivory or sage green. Many people think this style is rustic, but not like that in real. However, it has a heart-warming look and shade is floral of soft stripes.


This is the most modern type of table lamp. Different types of shiny metals or colorful glasses use to make it. Sleek lines and curves are the most common contemporary table lamp styles.

Mission or craftsman style:

The shade of mission or craftsman pyramid shape and wide. Stained glass use to make it.

Best table lamps by types:


Many small table lamps come with better lighting whereas novelty comes with a fun character. Although, they have some light that is not perfect for work. As it uses for the fan, it has so many fun shapes. For example, butterfly, cartoon character, race car for kids. So, you can choose from lots of options. Novelty table lamp doesn’t allow reading, writing or doing something, but it increases the beauty of the room. Also, it suits well with the room theme. This table lamp perfects to decorate a kid’s room or play station.

Bedside lamp:

A bedside table lamp sits on the nightstand. So, you need to choose it matching with other furniture’s, themes and decoration of the bedroom. Also, it depends on the nightstand. If your nightstand is large, you need to choose a large table lamp. Otherwise, your table lamp should be small if your nightstand is small. Lamp height is also an essential factor if you read in bed using small bedside table lamps. The height should be equal to the mattress.

Bankers Table Lamp:

Banker is a type of table lamp. The shade of the table lamp is green glass. Although, the green color is a banker’s tradition some other colors are also available. Its shape is a half-cylinder which gives the table lamp a vintage look. Also, it has unique table lamps switch design of pull-chain. Usually, the banker’s table lamp used on the top of the piano, as it shines downwards and does not spread widely. Also, it is perfect for a small study room. Sometimes it appears on the large libraries table.

Study or desk:

If you have a table at the corner of the room where you read, write or do the project, you need a table lamp to get better shining light. Unlike other stylish or decorative table lamp, it provides more shiny light. Also, the table lamp comes with an adjustable height and angle. So, you can position it over your table and work however you want. You should choose the table lamp so that it matches with table size. If your table is large, then you have to select a large table lamp. Or you need to pick small light if you have a little table.


A buffet table lamp takes place on the buffet table. Usually, it comes in the pair, but you can buy individually too. This type of table lamp is taller than other lamps. The height of the table lamp is a minimum of 32 inches. The lamp provides narrow or thin shade.

Table lamp types by base materials:

Metal make Lamp:

Metal table lamp base comes in different materials like chrome, bronze, copper, steel, etc. For example, a bronze made Tiffany style table lamp base. Besides, contemporary lamps base made of stainless steel. These materials make the lamps more stylish, sturdy and high durability.

Ceramic make table lamp:

The ceramic base of a table lamp can be treated as artwork. That gives you the beauty in the day and aglow at night. The ceramic base can be different shapes small, big, square, angular, round, etc. This table lamp offers the rainbow of colors, but more often it features a bright pattern.

Resin makes table lamp:

If you are looking for a table lamp that would not break, then you can see at the resin base lamp. Also, the resin base lamp is eye-catching. The resin is such a material that can turn into different shapes easily. Besides, it can be dyed in many colors. Also, the lamp is matched well with any shades.

Glass and glass shade lamp:

Glass table lamp is one of the favorite types of living room lamps. The cascading light of the lamp makes it unique, gorgeous, and more interesting. It tends to seem to place larger and brighter. As the base is made of glass, the lamp might be fragile.

Wood and manufacture wood:

If you like vintage mismatch furniture or rustic style wood table lamp can be a good choice for you. Also, it looks smart too. The table lamp comes in different styles as designers able to stain it in different ways.

The manufacture wood table lamp consists of small pieces of wood and joined them together using glue. It stained when to use on the base of the table lamp. This lamp is suitable for decorating the kid’s room. The lamp is cheaper than the solid wood lamp. Also, it has high durability.

Best Living Room Lighting Tips:

  1. Try to put a different base in your living room which looks great.
  2. Position your task light where usually you read, write or do a similar task.
  3. When you place two table lamps together, keep more than three inches distance between them so that the light cannot mess up together. Also, it helps to helps to spread the entire Lightroom.
  4. Usually, the height of the table lamp is 24-34 inches. You should pick or place the lamp so that the bottom shade of the lamp should be on your eye level when you are in a sitting position. That will protect you from the direct light bulb.
  5. If you want to add color to the room, you can look at the table lamp with bold pattern shade and decorative design. That will help to boost room color.
  6. You should select a shade that matches well with the base. That means, if you have a round base, try an oval shade. A rectangular shade pairs well with the square base. Besides, Thin or big bases are nicely fit with conical shade.
  7. The size of the lamp is also an important thing to decorate the living room. Keep balance lamp size with table size. Don’t put the small table lamp on the large table and a large lamp on the small table. Otherwise, that will look weird.
  8. Before selecting a lampshade, you should determine how much light you want. A translucent shade table lamp can be the perfect choice if you’re going to use the lamp for reading or in a dark room because it gives lots of light. If you are looking for a dramatic look, then you can try an opaque shade.

How to choose the best Table Lamps:

Find the right place for the lamp:

Before purchasing the table lamp for your living room, you need to determine the position where you want to place the lamp. Also, need to clarify the purpose of using the lamp. Because, you need to choose short, tall, bright, or dark lamp in accordance with using an objective. For example, if you want to buy a table lamp for the reading table, the light of the lamp should be shiny or should have an adjustable height feature.

Lamp style:

Find out the lamp that matches well with your living room style. Most of the people pick a modern lamp for the contemporary living room. You can choose a contemporary style because it suits both contemporary and modern living room. If your living room is Victorian style living room, don’t select chrome lamp as living room lamps because it will look inoffensive in this type of place. You should choose the lamp matching with color, style, and décor of your living room so that it seems attractive and gorgeous.

Lamp size:

Look for a table lamp that has perfect size with the place. To determine the right table lamp height, sit on the sofa or chair where usually you sit to read, write, draw or do your task. Measure the distance from your table lamp surface to your eye-level.small table lamps

Calculate the shade length of the table that should be 65%-80% of the table base length. Suppose, the range of your table base is 16 inches, the shade will be 10-14 inches in diameter. You will get this result about 24 inches long in a fixture. Also, you can measure the shade length in another way. Just need to measure the total height of the table lamp, and the shade will be one-third of that stature.

The shade is noted as overall length (from top to bottom) of the lamp and width is listed as diameter. You need to choose a shade that has 2 or less than 2 inches in diameter than the table lamp base length. For example, a fixture that has 16 inches base should have 14 inches or fewer diameters.

Changeable shade: 

There are some best table lamps that come with a changeable shade feature, some have clip-on, and some others offer spider fitting. Most of the table lamps use LED bulb as it reduces the power bill. But not all lamps allow changing the light. So, you need to check before buying the table lamp.

Select Right bulb:

The bulb type is a crucial factor in choosing the best table lamps especially when you want to buy it for the reading purpose. You need to use an LED bulb with at least 8 ½ watt powers. Also, you can pick a dimmable bulb for more flexibility.

Match and mix:

Your table lamps need to match with another lighting that exists in the room as well as the entire style of the room. This recessed light with general mood or light which used for highlights specific artwork etc. You can use two different lamps having the same colors to get a more attractive and unique style.

The best table lamps are like jewelry from your living room. So, you need to pick the right piece and place it more consciously and wisely as it impacts your room as well as overall look and feel. Choosing the right table lamp for your living room is a little bit of research able. Although it is researchable there are many options available. There are many beautiful styles and themes are available. We also read about some stylish table lamps.

Living room decoration is very creative work. Your work will be done if you select the best quality table lamp and picture frames. You will also find the picture frames buying the guide in our other post. In this post, you will learn how to decorate your room with picture frames.

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    This is a topic which is near to my heart… Thank you!

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