How you choose best dog house easily

Purchasing the best dog house for your dog will be the best option for you. If you buy a perfect home for them, so they can spend a lot of time playing, exploring and also outing. The Doghouse can give a safe shelter for your pet. It also protects in different weather.

It can keep fresh during the summer, can stay warm in winter and also protect on rainy days. There are a lot of options that are available in the market. Besides this, your dog size also matters a lot. So, the question is how you able to find the best dog house?

Do you think about it? We are here to reveal some secret for you, so you find the best by own. When you are purchasing this, then some things play a crucial role. You need to think about your pet size (mostly height and length). Then you need to think about the building materials. Also besides this, some more issues are here for selecting the best.

best dog house

We can divide this selection process into three broad parts. And these are:

Choosing the Doghouse.
Locating the Doghouse
Accessorizing the Doghouse.

Choosing the best Dog house :

This part is very critical. You must know some essentials information before an attempt to buy. You also need to follow most of the instructions very carefully. Otherwise, you are not able to get your best.

1. Your pet size is the matter:

Before attempt to buy a dog house, you need solid knowledge about your loving pet. If you know the height, length and also weight, if you have the proper dimension of your pet, then you can get a good dog house.

This perfect aspect room can allow your pet to stand, turn and sleep. You can you tape for measuring your dog. You need to consider floor to top of the head as height. And measure nose tips to haunches as length.

Dog height

Your dog house should be 25% higher than your dog’s height. Suppose, your dog height on standing time is 30 inch then your dog house roof height should be 38 inches or greater. Dog house door should be 75% of the neck height of your pet. If your pet shoulder height in 25 inches then the door size of the dog house is 18 inches. This will allow your pet to enter in it comfortably.

Doghouse length should be more significant than your dog. If you buy a smaller dog house, then it will not be comfortable for your dog. The bigger house allows them to moves and lives happily in it freely.
So measuring your dog is too much necessary for selecting the best dog house and this is the first step to buying a perfect one.

2. Choose an appropriately sized dog house:

Bring a pet measuring tool to your home and measure your dog. You can buy from or brow it from any tools shop. You can also bring your dog to that store and take the measurement. It will allow you to make sure that your purchasing dog house is not so narrow. You can choose an extra bit larger home than their height. This additional place will give you sufficient space for accessories such as a bed, toys, food trays, and others.

3. Anticipate of Weather:

In summer extra space will give more comfort for your dog. Additional space will allow more air to keep the house fresh. In the winter a smaller room is better. It will help them retain body heat. So you need to be practical to choose the best. Doghouse not should be very large and also not so narrow.

Anticipate of Weather

Special Tips:

To protect your dog from dangerous weather, you must take the proper step. The tolerance level of different climate is varied on different breeds. Some breeds can tolerate more hot weather, and some can survive on cold. However, the dog house is not the best solution for protecting them from severe inclement weather. If the temperature is too high or low or your dog is exposing to strong winds, snow, Strome or hail then bring them to inside with you.

4. Selection of Materials:

Wood can be the best choice for the dog house. Nowadays micro ban can be replaced with wood. Metal and plastic can produce a sharp corner. A sharp edge is not safe for your pet. More ever, these also absorb cold or heat on the respective season, which can make them uncomfortable.

If you are looking for a lightweight house, then Microban build dog house can be your best choice. People think before that plastic made dog house are light, but now Microban is more mild and durable in different weather. Microban can keep inside cool during summer, warm in winter and also protect from Dampness in the rainy season. Microban materials are protective against mold, bacteria and not use any toxic things in it.

If you choose the wooden dog house, make sure that it is not treated with any toxic paint. It will harm your dog if chewed.
The Wooden house also has a sharp edge. Clean the surface before setting up the dog house and regularly check for sharp edge and splinter. It can make the safety of your dog.
If you buy from an online store, then you can read a review of that kind dog house or chat with the seller. Ask them questions to make sure that it is resistant to rain, cold or hot weather. All these things can help you in choosing the best.

5. Placing the floor:

Placement of the floor is another essential part of a dog house. Many of them have come raised floor. This allows passing air under the dog house. Raised floor protect to absorbs moisture from earth. So the inner part is keeping warmer, and your pet feels comfortable.

The raised floor dog house is good but this one not so necessary. If you use a wooden dog house, then do not place it on the bare ground. If you put it on the field, then it will be absorbing moisture from the soil.

You need to choose a hard floor dog house. Hard will give you an opportunity to place bed and other toys in it. Pre-installed bedding is might not suitable for your dog. It can make your pet hotter.
The floorless dog house also works but should be aware of rain and drainage systems.

We recommend microban made the house for your dog. It will be more comfortable for your puppy. You can read microban made dog house review on our blog section.

6. Budget about best dog house:

The next thing is the budget. It is imperative. You can buy a dog house within 300$. But this will not guarantee the quality. You can find a good amount of options on our other post. You can choose from the below link.

Best outdoor dog house

You need to be sensible about spending money on it. Sometimes you spend money but not benefited adequately.

Some higher-end dog house can provide you with excellent ventilation facilities. This can give more pleasure in the summer. If your budget is restricted then you can buy a simple dog house then you can make some ventilation system on it. Like this way, you can buy an additional heater for wintertime. This might cost you high, but the installment of payment will be more accessible for you.

Selecting and buying a dog house is not only work. After purchasing the dog house, you must place it in the best place so it will give the best service to your puppy.

You can get some best dog house from our other post. You will find the job here.

Best Outdoor Dog House 

The next thing we can do is locating the Doghouse in the right place.

Locating the Dog House:

1. Decide on the Doghouse Location:

The owner of the pet put a dog house in the backyard or front yard. This will give ample free space for playing their dog house. If this place is well fenced, it will protect the dog from running away. The dog house should be located in such a place where your pet will get instant access. The dog will get it when they need it.

You should be locating the dog house in such a place where it will not absorb heat or cold directly. In the rainy season keep the dog house away from the direct drainage system and also check regularly for leakage.

2. Avoid excess sun or shade: 

Try to find a suitable location where the sun will not give sunshine directly for more than a couple of hours. And also not place it in the shade, where the sunlight never reaches. So this is a clear concept that you should find a place, which is mixed sun and shade.

placing of dog house

You also need to be careful about wind direction. Never place the dog house gate directly on the winding path. If you do so, then your puppy will not be comfortable in it during the cold. You can provide extra shades in it if you want.

3. Introducing your pet to Doghouse: 

I want to repeat the whole process in a few sentences again. You measure your pet, get an idea of your pet’s house after that buy the best dog house. Then you place it on your back or front yard in a suitable place. Then the first work will introduce your dog to his home. Some dogs will act strangely for the first time when they see the dog house. You need to train up your puppy for using this house.

Some prizes for your puppy will be useful for using his house. You can place some toys, a bed or some other accessories on it. So your pet will get attracted and start using the best dog house that you purchase.

Accessorizing the Doghouse:

Accessorizing the dog house is also another part of purchasing a dog house. If you choose the best quality accessories, then it will perform better. You can provide playing toys, a food bowl, a bed in the home. It will create a new pleasant environment for your pet.

 1.Provide Bed:

Choose a warm and comfortable bed for the inside of the dog house. You can also place another bed outside if you want. This outside bed will allow your dog to rest in the fresh air. Due to locating on the outside, you will find some common problems like fleas, mild and also some other weather-related issues. To get rid of these kinds of issues, you will discover Microban igloo-shaped dog house will be your best solution. If you do not purchase another dog house then you can place a layer of cedar shavings under the bed. 

To get rid of these kinds of issues, you will find Microban igloo shaped dog house will be your best solution. If you do not purchase another dog house, then you can place a layer of cedar shavings under the bed. To get the best kind dog bed, you can see our recommendations from this post.

 2.Food Bowl and Water bowl: 

If your dog spends sufficient time on the outside and plays outside then, you need to provide food and water bowl. Change the water regularly. Otherwise, water will get dirty and different kinds of bacteria will grow there. You don’t need to full the food bowl all the time. You can give food at mealtime. If you provide extra food, then some other animals can steal food from there.

To find the best quality Food bowl and water bowl, We can recommend you something. If you need a recommendation, then please let us know.

In the hot season, you must provide all-time access to the water. The coldwater pool will add extra value.

3. Toys for Dog: 

Adding some extra toys will helpful for the burning energy of your dog if it is very energetic. Toys will forbid them to chew the dog house. Don’t give such type toys that can chew by your pet. You can give the ball or frisbee for playing.

If you maintain all the process, then you can find the best quality Dog house surely. If you are still confused, then we may help you with this issue. You can read our post the Best Doghouse. We also sort some best dog bed for assisting you in another way.

We hope that we can help you with buying the best house for the dog. You can get the regular update, and we will provide our best post to your inbox. Still, we are very strict about maintaining your privacy. We will never spam your inbox, and we never publish your contact anywhere. 

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