How you clean and season your best cast iron skillet

A best cast iron skillet is one of the most useful and standard kitchen tools. It works well to cook chicken, pork chop, or bake. Also, it can crisp up many chicken items nicely. Even, able to correctly sear fish, beef, chicken, and vegetable.

Moreover, lots of sweet recipes can make with the best cast iron pan. You can cook almost all the items on it. If you season its cooking surface correctly, you can cook more smoothly without sticking.

Also, seasoning creates a non-stick coating and protects your pan from dust. Even, you will be able to restore it through seasoning.
Thus, the proper seasoning will last your cast iron cookware for many lifetimes.

You should maintain it properly to keep in excellent condition. Even, cast iron pan lasts a lifetime with proper care. Clean with hot water after cooking. But, never use soap. To prevent cast iron skillet rust, dry the pan and applying cooking oil coat the oiling surface.

best cast iron skillet

In this article, I am going to share the entire process of how to season and clean cast iron pan. If you are scared of proper maintenance, follow the instruction.

Why should you use the best cast iron skillet?

Peoples like to keep at least one best cast iron pan in their kitchen for cooking or baking. Also, they are increasingly using this excellent cookware to know about its benefits. Here are some remarkable reasons to use this pan.


Safety: According to historical evidence, it used in China since the 3rd century BC. Since then it has been popular with many people of different cultures across the world. Even, many of them use it for first cooking wear. The long pans’ history of use proves its safety, where many modern cookwares fail on this issue.

Aluminum considers as unsafe for cooking. The metal reacts with food and gets absorb a lot. Besides, you cannot use non-stick on high heat. Also, it gets scratch easily. When, damage Teflon coating, it becomes risky to use. Moreover, the stainless steel pan has an uneven heating issue and it can because of food burning.

On the other hand, the best cast iron skillet is perfect for cooking in high heat. Though with acidic food iron reacts. But seasoning pan prevents to create any reaction between metal and food.

Durability: It tends to rust if you don’t use it for a long time. But, it provides you with excellent service for more than a hundred years. You will find more than 75 years old iron skillet in the garage, which is sales easily. Even, it has passed through 2-3 generations hands.

Seasoning makes the best cast iron skillet non- stick. That coat is not made with special materials like Teflon which can damage metal permanently. If your cast iron skillet rusts, use a bit of cooking oil to re-seasons it.  Thus, you will get a smooth cooking surface.

Significant variation of cooking item: Use a small amount of oil in the pan for shallow frying, roasting, broiling sautéing, grilling, etc. Besides, for water-based cooking, the cast iron pan works well. Boiling and poaching are comfortable with it. To make steaming food, you can keep cooking items over its wok.

Cook on high heat: Cooking at a high temperature is one of the most benefits of cast iron skillet. Without any fear, you can increase the heat as you need during the cooking. That helps to get a better sear of meat, roasting vegetables, deep fry, cooking chicken make great hash, etc.

Inexpensive: Best cast iron pan is reasonable. Like many other expensive cook wear, it distributes and maintains heat with less cost. Also, make your dishes better without adding more expenses.

Cast iron skillet cleaning:

Cast iron skillet is the favorite cookware for many people. They don’t have to worry about the chemical reaction to your food. As an essential mineral of the human body, leaching a small amount of iron into the diet is rick for health.

The cast-iron skillet is naturally non-stick if you take care of it. Moreover, it has excellent heat retaining power. It needs some particular attention. Though, maintaining it is the not tricky job. Many iron skillet user beliefs that they should not use soap to clean it.

Also, soap is powerful enough to seasoning strip away. Moreover, it works well to wash away dirt and grease. That’s why people think it can remove away seasoning too as the seasoning is baked-on fat that’s why there is no risk of stripping away seasoning by a bit of soap.

How to clean a rusty cast iron skillet:

What you need:


  • Paper towel or dish towel
  • Dish soap
  • The sponge of scrubbing brush
  • Aluminum foil
  • Steel wool
  • Oven
  • Vegetable oil

Instructions –

Step 1: Use a ball of steel wool to remove cast iron skillet rust. Scrub effecting area until it looks like raw cast iron. Using dish soap and hot water washes the pan. If you need, scrub it again with the sponge.

Step 2: Dry out the cast iron pan entirely with a paper towel or dishtowel. Then, rub vegetable oil to the whole pot. Also, apply the oil to the bottom and handle.

Step 3: Keep it upside down on the top floor of your rack. Also, place a large piece of aluminum foil on the next level of the stand to hold oil drips. Heat the pan at 350° temperature for one hour.

Step 4: Turn off your heat source and let iron skillet to be cold. Finally, your cast iron skillet gets ready to cook again.

How to clean a best cast iron skillet with burnt on:

What you need:


  • Baking soda
  • Hot water
  • Sponge
  • Liquid detergent
  • Powder laundry detergent

Instructions –

Step 1: After cooking put liquid detergent in the cast iron skillet. Then fill it with warm water. Leave it for overnight to see if it is possible to clean the burned food using a sponge. Never use steel wool on the pan which has an enamel coat. If you scratch it,  the coating will ruin.

Step 2: If letting sit soapy water overnight unable to clean-burning materials, the bottom of pan coat with baking soda. Then, add water to make a paste. Also, you can use Powder laundry detergent as an alternative to baking soda. The enzymes of them can absorb the toughest stains. In this fact, by little scrubbing out you can quickly remove burnt food.

Step 3: Depending on burning the food you should sprinkle laundry detergent or baking soda for many times. You have to do it until fully work out all stain.

Finally, your pan looks like brand new again.

How to clean cast iron with salt:

What you need:


  • Cast iron skillet
  • Kosher salt
  • Stiff brush or sponge
  • Paper towel or dry cloth
  • Vegetable oil


Step 1: Clean iron skillet after use. Don’t leave pan in the sink. That may be the cause of rust.

Step 2: Avoid soap, dishwasher, and steel wool because they may strip during seasoning. Use a stiff brush or sponge and warm water to clean the skillet.

Step 3: Add salt to the pan. Then, use a paper towel to scrub the pan with the salt. Move the salt to the entire pan carefully, so that goes the center and all edge. If you notice stuck-on bits, then take extra care of them to remove from your pan.

Step 4: To clean inside of the cast iron pan, add salt again. Then scrub around the edge and the bottom of the pan to get a smooth surface.

Step 5: Use hot water to wash the pan. Then dry it and make a coat of thin vegetable oil. Also, wipe off excess fat with a paper towel.

Cast iron skillet seasoning:

Cast iron pan is made of molten iron, and that is shaped like cookware. Naturally, metal is highly reactive. Also, it tends to rust in the humid air within a few times.

Not only rusting problems but also another difficulty is sticking food to it. It gets rid of these issues; you can adequately season your cast iron pan. Thus, you will be a master of cooking with cleaning.

Seasoning forms by the thin heating layer of oil on the cast iron pan. Thus heated oil makes a bond to the metal that is called polymerization. Because of this process the oil or fat converts into plastic forms.

After seasoning, you will get blacken and hard skin which protects the metal. Seasoning protects your cast iron skillet from rust. Additionally, non-sticky is it’s another excellent characteristic.

Best oil to season cast iron:

There are lots of debates about what is the best oil to season cast iron. Some sources recommend vegetable oil. But some are discouraging them. Also, it harms human health in many ways. It contains the level of Omega-6 fatty acid very high.

It produced chemically, so there is a high possibility of adding chemicals during production. Even, it is too harmful to unborn babies whose bodies are developing. Overall, any amount of vegetable oil is not safe for humans.

On the other hand, coconut oil is safe and beneficial for the body in different ways. It helps to lose weight rapidly, increase magnesium and calcium absorption. Also, keep the thyroid function healthy. Besides, get rid of cellulite, contributes to good sleep, and so more. That’s why using coconut oil is the best way to season cast iron.

Seasoning cast iron with coconut oil:

What you need:


  • Cast iron pan
  • Oven
  • Coconut oil
  • Sponge or dry cloth

Instructions –

Step 1: Wash the pan entirely with water and soap. If it remains any rust spots, scrub with little amount salt and water.

Step 2: Your oven preheats to 325°F. But, don’t use more high temperature. It prevents to get a better result. And finish at high temperatures.

Step 3: To get warm your pan, keep it in the preheating oven for 5-10 minutes. This stage will help coconut oil to work more efficiently with the rubbing on the iron pan.

Step 4: Rub coconut oil to the whole pan with old cloth or towel. Make sure that, you have coated the pan both inside and outside.

Step 5: After completing rubbing, wipe off all oil clearly with another piece of a clean towel. Then, down the upside of the pan and place it in the oven for a couple of hours.

Step 6: Turn off your oven and don’t open it. Wait until completely cold it.

Step 7: If you need to repeat the same process. Sometimes you may need to season 3-5 times to get ready your pan for cooking. That depends on the age of cast iron skillet.

How to season old cast iron:

What you need:


  • Paper towel
  • Corn
  • Vegetable oil
  • Soap
  • Cast iron pan

Step 1: To remove rust from pan apply muscle pressure on steel wool. Keep doing this until you can see raw cast iron.

Step 2: wash old cast iron skillet using dish soap and sponge. Use hot water to rinse off reaming water and soap. Make sure that no more soap is available. Otherwise, food may smell soapy.

Step 3: Wipe the pan with the towel so that no moisture remains. They will be a cause of further rust. Then, place the skillet in the oven and set high heat and keep it until all dry out all water.

Step 4: Place corn and vegetable oil in the cast iron skillet to the season. Run them with a paper towel in both inside and outside of the pan. Then heat the container at 350°F for one hour. Let your cast iron skillet cool off.

Now, your old cast iron skillet is ready for cooking!

How often to season cast iron:

Seasoning depends on taking care of it. Just rub a little amount oil on the pan after use. That’s building a better coating and starts seasoning over time. Also, if you want, you can season more often until developing a solid layer.

Do you almost use acidic things in your cooking like wine, lemon, or tomatoes? If you do that, there is a chance to run away the no-sticky layer of your best cast iron skillet. That’s why; you should use cast iron for deep frying or regular frying. Thus you need not pre-season at all.

Sometimes, if scrubs with a plastic brush unable to clean cooking stuff, rub it with salt and oil. Then wipe out excess oil and salt with a towel. But, don’t use water to put it away.

Before the ending of this article, I want to answer some questions that might be interesting for you. You might be searching for all these questions. I hope that all of this will help you a lot.

What best cast iron skillet to buy?

Selecting a cast iron skillet is a significant fact. All the products are not suitable for you. Select a product that is long-lasting and gives you the best performance. It also easies cleaning and will be best if you select the pre-seasoned with some extra protection.

My R&D team and I select some best quality cast iron skillet for you. These cast irons pan will serve your needs. You can find from here.

What is a good old cast iron skillet?

Old cast iron skillet is also called as vintage cast iron skillet. Griswold, Wagner, Lodge has a good collection of vintage cast iron skillets. Our team reviewing some vintage cast iron skillet and I write a good review article on the vintage skillet. You can read from here.

Is a cast iron skillet worth it?

Cast iron skillet is naturally nonstick and easy to cook food. If you seasoned this one then it will give you more nonstick surface. It is suitable for stovetop to oven. More ever is very easy to clean.

Is Cast Iron good for cooking?

Due to the nonstick surface, it needs a meager low quantity of oil. It is also the chemical-free alternative to Nonstick Pans. Using less oil will improve health conditions and also control cholesterol. Nonstick pan produces some fluorides ion, Teflon and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), which is dangerous for health. Due to this fluoride, you might affect cancer, liver damages or developmental problems.

It also fortified your food with iron. It will help you to grow healthy. So, it is safe for cooking.

What is the best brand of cast iron skillet?

It depends on your needs. Our team review some best quality skillets. You can read our review and select among them.

Can I use olive oil to season a cast-iron skillet?

When you get a cast-iron skillet before you start cooking you need to do some simple thing. This is very easy. Before starting your first cook wash your skillet with some hot water. After that dry it thoroughly. After making it dry, rub some vegetable oil or olive oil. Then allow it on the hit and make 350 degrees hot.

What oil do you use to season a cast-iron skillet?

According to Lodge, it ultimately depends on you. You can add some vegetable oil or olive oil for seasoning. Vegetable or olive oil is most commonly used to season a cast-iron skillet. Use new cloth or paper towel to rub the coat on the skillet.

I hope you can get enough information about it. If you feel that you are not able to get your answer then comment. I will answer your question.

Final Words: 

As you know all about best cast iron skillet like amazing benefits, maintaining, are you getting interested in cooking on it? But, it is difficult to find the best one among lots of pans. To make your task easy, here is a list of cast iron skillet- Best Cast iron skillet in 2020

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