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How to deep clean your garage. Get expert tips for cleaning

The garage is one of the most important areas for our home. I am very sure that you are not paying much concentration to clean your garage. It is not faulting, we almost everyone not paying much attention to it. We also forget that the cleaning and arrangement of our garage very essential.

If we don’t pay attention to garage cleaning then it will become a damping area. You need to control it before the condition getting much worst.

We store almost every tool and useless thing in our garage. Everything means gardening tools, sporting gears, garbage and recycling things. We store in our garage and forget about it. This is one of the main reasons for not cleaning it much.

Garage cleaning is not much hard as we think. We just need to divide our work, so we can clean it easily. We also need to select our best day to start cleaning. Let see how we able to clean our garage very easy and step by step.

Selection of cleaning day:

The selection of cleaning day is most important. You might not select your busy day for cleaning it. You need to work with dust, dirt, and grime. So you can select your weekly holiday or another public holiday for this work. You also need to care about the season. You will not select any rainy day so you can keep your garage objects in your driveway or backyard.

What needs to clean in your garage?

When you make the planning of clean up your garage then you can divide it two main parts. The first one is cleaning and the second one is organizing. Let discuss the cleaning first.

You can divide your cleaning work into three parts:

  1. Clean your garage floor.
  2. Clean your garage door.
  3. Clean your garage walls.

How to clean the garage floor:

The garage floor is very susceptible to grease and oil stain. It is not much hard to clean such kind stain from the garage floor. You can use cat litter and dish soap to remove these stains. Spread some kitty litter on the stain and make a layer. Keep it sometimes so it can absorb excess liquid. If you don’t have a cat then you can buy it from Amazon or use sawdust or cornmeal also.

But kitty litter works best on it. After using the kitty litter you can use dish soap or other detergent and rub it with the wire brush. It will remove your grease and oil stains from the floor.

If you see that you have mold on your garage floor, you can use bleach powder on it. You can also use vinegar with some warm water. It can remove mold very easily.

After this process, you can use a pressure washer to blow out all dust. You get a neat and clean garage floor.  Our floor is now clean, it’s time to work with the garage door.

How to clean your garage door:

Take a bucket, brush, and soap to clean your garage door. Observe carefully, where dust takes place. You can also take the broom to take off all dust.

After brushing all dust from the door you can use your pressure washer or garden hose pipe to blow all dust.

After blowing the dust it comes to the actual cleaning. Take a bucket of warm water and mix some household detergent on it. Use a sponge or rag into the water to wipe the door. You need to clean every inch of the door. If any stains are not removed with it then you can use your fingers to buff them.

After cleaning every part checkout every moving part and malfunctioning pieces.

If you find any then tighten up and use grease in all moving parts.

How to clean garage walls:

The garage is a natural home of spider webs. Even you use the garage frequently but also it can produce a large amount of cobweb and spider webs. Before starting any washing of your garage wall, you need to remove these webs. You can use the broom or your vacuum cleaner for removing webs. You should remove from all the corners.

Use a sponge with warm water and detergent:

You need to do exactly all processes, what you doing on the door. Use a bucket and fill warm water on it. Mix detergent in the water. Grab a sponge and scrub the whole wall from top to bottom. You can use a step ladder to reaching the ceiling areas.

clean your garage

There are some stains that are not removed with detergent and water. You can use basic ammonia for removing that. Mix one or two cups ammonia into one-gallon cold water and wash it. If you are not able to remove any stains with it then you can use TSP. It is recommended by the cleaning expert.

Now our cleaning part is over and we need to organize our garage. Let start with garage space organizing.

How to organize garage space:

There are a lot of things we have in our garage.  Some are useable, some we not use or some are out of using state.

At first, we need to sort all things into four categories.

  1. Things to keep.
  2. Things to Donate.
  3. For Trash.
  4. For Sale.

You can keep those things that you use in the future. Rest you can sell or donate to the charity.

Keep all useless things in the garbage can or recycle bin.

After separating all the items make the basic plan to organize. You can put all the tools into the cabinet or pegboard.

garage cleaning

You should avoid keeping things on the floor so it will not be crawling over the floor.

You can group all the similar things and keep them together. Keep all seasonal items in the hard to reach the place and keep all frequently used items in easy to reach the place.

Use your walls and ceiling to hang the tools. So it can increase your useable floor space.

How to organize garage cabinet:

Don’t keep all items on cabinet shelves. Storage bins and tubs can help you to manage the items. If you use dedicated bins or tubs then it will be best for you.

You can keep winter clothes in one bin, and keep all the decoration things into another. After filling up those bins, you can slide them into the cabinet. Make sure that all bins are marking up correctly.

Store all the small stuff into old coffee cans and gum containers. It will help you to organize and make easy organizing.

clean your garage

Now we almost have done and here are some best tips for organizing your garage in the best way:

  • Use shelving units to keep frequently used items.
  • Keep similar tools together.
  • Use Different bins to store different items.
  • Use pegboards to store hand tools.
  • Use ceiling storage to keep boxes and trunks.
  • Use wall hooks to hold large tools.

Cleaning your garage is not hassling work. You can do it on your weekend. If you think that your garage is not enough for storing your tools and other then you can use under deck storage to keep things securely.

If you have your own advice then you can share it with us in our comment section.

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