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Best 25 tips to clean your home like professional.

A clean home is a very essential part of our life. We always expect a clean house for our healthy life and also for our social status. Clean your home can be like a drag. When you feel fun at cleaning home then you will never be left your home dirty.

In this article, I promise to share the best tips to clean your home like a professional and show how to keep the house clean and beautiful.

Clean your home

We are always afraid of cleaning home because we think that home cleaning is a complicated and also time-consuming process. This not completely true. If you use the perfect tools and ingredients then it will be also a fun object to you.

What is home cleaning?

Home cleaning is referred to as clean your living areas such as living room, kitchen, the bathroom is other areas. Dust gathers on these areas day by day, whatever you use it or not.
You need to clean these areas to clean up your home. You can do this step by step.
There is no wonder that many people are so exhausted about home cleaning and hire home cleaning services. There are some reasons why people hire a home cleaning service. The reasons are:

  1. Lack of time.
  2. Preparing for vacation.
  3. Family visit.
  4. You are not good at cleaning.
  5. Need professional service.

I strongly believe that all these reasons are responsible for hiring a cleaning service.
If you know how to clean home like a professional and do it fast then you will love to do it.
After reading this article you also think that clean your home is too much fun and you also do it with your daily using things.

How clean is your home?

You need to check your home to observe, how clean or dirty. You can start with a checkup with a list. If you list up your checking areas then you will never miss any area from your checking list. You can get a printable PDF checklist from below:

What needs to check before start clean your home?

You have a checklist on your hand. That is just the area’s name to ensure that you check those areas. But here you get ideas about what needs to check.


In the bedroom, you need to check your bedding, mattress dust, carpets’ dust, and pieces of furniture like chair, table, bins, and others. You also can check your table lamps, light sheds, cloth storage.


In the bathroom, you need to observe very closely. You need to check.

  1. Rugs and Wastebaskets.
  2. Shower, showerhead, bathtub.
  3. Soapdish or rack.
  4. Shower track.
  5. Scrub sink, basin.

You need to be very careful when you are checking the bathroom.


The kitchen is also another area where dust or wastes grows so fast. You need to clean it very carefully. You can check these areas before start cleaning.

  1. Countertops, cabinet (Right upper side of the stove).
  2. Appliances (Microwaves, Dishwasher, refrigerator).
  3. Stove Top and bottom.
  4. Soak stove drip pans and knobs in the sink.
  5. Sink (inside and around).
  6. Other hidden places.

There are also some other places where you can perform the cleaning service. You should check the window, balcony reeling, Ceilings and fans, and some other places.

How to keep the house clean and beautiful:

Cleaning is not a very difficult thing if you maintain regular work. If you build up some simple habit then you can keep the house clean and beautiful. You can practice these habits regularly to manage your time.

Making the bed:

I know some people think that making the bed is a time-wasting thing. But it can make a big difference to make your home tidy and clean. After getting up from the bed you can start your day with it. To make it simple, you should make your bedding things simple. You can be minimizing your pillow number and other things.

Wash your cloth regularly:

Washing clothes are also other time-consuming things. If you store your dirty clothes then you will get a huge pressure at the weekend. So, try to wash your dirty clothes regularly.

You can put your cloth in the machine in the morning and put it out when you return home in the evening. Make sure that you do it regularly.

Get the whole family involved:

If you want to do all the work by own then you are not able to do it. You feel very tired and it will also very hard for you. You need to teach your children how to do this job. When they learn it well then you all can participate in home cleaning. It will turn into a fun event for the whole family then. With the help of your full family, you can keep clean your home very easily.

Spend 15-minute nightly clean-up:

Make a routine to do a 15 minute nightly clean up. Although 15 minutes is not enough to clean whole things everything does not need daily cleanup. Make your cleaning priorities and start cleaning. Parents can clean the big things and children can start cleaning the small things. If you can follow these rules then you can maintain a clean and beautiful house.

Organize basic cleaning supplies:

I never keep opening my basic cleaning supplies open after using them. I always keep storing my microfiber cloths, polishing cloths, toilet brush, spray bottle, mob, toilet cleaning liquid, and others in a secure place.

When I need them then I can get all those pieces of stuff in a place and after using it I know where I need to store it.

Clean as you go:

When you see that your home is getting dirty, never waste your time to clean it.

Think if you see some food are falling on your wooden floor and you left it. After one day it will produce bacteria, stains, and others on the floor. You also feel the hassle to clean them.

But if you clean that immediately after seeing that, it never gets the chance to produce harmful things.

You can use an electric vacuum cleaner for cleaning your household waste regularly.

How to clean your house fast and easy:

We are very busy all the time. Our work, our social life, and others never give us the time to do our regular work. We need to utilize our time very carefully. The main reason for not cleaning our home is lack of time.

Most people think that cleaning home takes time and I have not enough time. Cleaning objects are also important. Most of us not know that our daily use can be used in cleaning and we can get service like professionals if we use it properly.

You will get 30 home cleaning tips, and you can do it my own with your daily useable things.

How to clean a house like a professional:

We always look for professional services. Professionals are very skill full of their work. It is all about practice and using the right ingredients.

I am using very simple things to clean my house. I hope that you will also able to clean with these.

By following these tips, ideas, and hacks you ensure your home will get professional and deep clean. You guest will be impressed by how clean your home is.

Remove white ring stains out from your old furniture:

Need to use: Hair Dryer, Olive oil.

If you place a wet glass down on a table or finished surface without any coaster and forget it to remove then you can see white ring stains on it.

You can see a permanent ring on it. It can easily fixable and you can do it within a few minutes. Simply blow the place with hot air but hairdryer. After blow for a while rubbing some olive on it. You see that your white stains went away.

Use grapefruit and salt to clean your bathtub:

Need to use: Grapefruit and sprinkle coarse salt.

The toilet, the bathtub can be a more unpleasant thing to clean. When you clean bathtub then you are not able to use strong chemicals due to increasing its lifetime.

You can use grapefruit and sprinkle coarse salt to clean your bathtub.

Cut the fruit in half and use it like a sponge. Wipe the whole tub with it and you are done. You see that rinse in the tub is gone. Happy cleaning.

Use lint roller for cleaning lampshades:

Need to use: Lint Roller.

I hope that you own a lint roller. If you have no lint roller then you can get the best lint roller from here.

We sort out some best lint roller that can give you the best service.

These lint rollers can remove microfibers, dust off your clothing. You can use this one on cleaning lampshades. If you think that cleaning lampshades can be difficult but using a lint roller can make your work very easy and it works very well.

Why not you try this today?

Clean your laundry iron easily:

Need to use: Vinegar, baking soda.

Probably you are using iron for a long time and your laundry iron gets very much messy and dirty. It has dust on it. Some people use a sharp thing to remove it and destroy the surface. It produces lots of heat and set whatever it touches. After touching it gather dust on its’ surface and it is not removing after heating down.

You can fix it in a very simple way. Mix vinegar and baking soda gently and apply it while the iron is off. Scrub it away and make your iron as like new.

Clean your stainless steel sink:

Need to use: Baking Soda, Flour, and Olive Oil.

At first, you need to make the paste of baking soda by mixing water on it. Use a sponge to scrub around. Let it dry. After drying wipe it with a damp cloth. Then spread some flour and polish it. Then wipe the flour out and let it dry again.

On the final step, you need to put a few drops of olive oil on a clean cloth. Use that cloth to shine your sink.

Use lemon to clean your microwave:

 Need to Use: Lemon.

One of the most irritating and unpleasant things is clean your microwave. You might think that you need to use expensive chemicals then you might forget about the home remedy. You can clean your microwave with a simple trick. To do this work you need a lemon and a half glass of water. Cut the lemon into half and put those on the half glass water.

Put all on high for three minutes. After that leave it for five minutes so fumes can work on all dirty objects that stuck on the walls. After five minutes wipe down the inside. You get a neat and clean microwave.

Clean Your Toilet easily:

Need to use: Coca-Cola.

Cleaning toilet not so easy work. We use several kinds of’ chemicals for cleaning it. Using heavy chemicals are not very good for us and also all kind chemicals can’t give you proper cleaning. You can use Coca-Cola for cleaning. Put coke on your toilet and let it soak. Then brush it normally as you do with your toilet brush and flush it. Your toilet will sparkle.

Leather furniture repairing:

Need to use: Olive oil.

We might have a leather couch at our house. It can get scratch from different sources. Any animal can scratch it or kids also can make a scratch on it. There is an easy way to fix it and look great again.

Put few olive oils on a cloth and rub it on the scratching areas. Let the oil dry for an hour. Use another clean cloth to wipe it. You will get a scratch-free couch again.

Clean stainless steel like new:

Need to use: Tartar Cream, Water, sponge.

Stainless steel is very essential for our daily work. It gets messy very easily and we often feel bored to clean it. You can clean it very easily by using tartar cream.

Mix tartar cream with few drinks of water. Then scrub your stainless steel appliance until it shines.

Clean a wooden cutting board:

Need to use: coarse salt, Lemon.

Your wooden cutting board can pick everything that gets cut on them. To clean it deeply you need to rub some coarse salt. It will take out all odor and germs out. After making a layer on it, cut a lemon half and squeeze it on the board. In the end, you get a lemony fresh wooden cutting board.

Clean your oven like professional:

Need to use: Baking soda, Vinegar.Vinegar

We generally never think about the deep clean of our oven. We think it is very difficult. But it not much difficult as we think. For deep cleaning the oven, there are several foam and chemicals are in the market. But I show you the cheapest way to clean it up.

Get ½ cup baking soda on a bowl and mix a few spoons water on it. Make its paste and spread it on the oven. Leave it for the night or around 12 hours. After that scrape it all. After scraping it, spraying vinegar solution on the oven and wipe again.

Take paint off from the cloth:

Need to use: Razor.

If you painting your home much and paint might make dirty with your clothes. You might think that your clothes are now not able to use regularly. But there is an easy solution. You can use your old razor to take paint out of your cloth.

When the paint dried on your cloth, then gently scrap your razor on it. Be careful that you are not cut your finger.

Clean hard water stain easily:

Need to use: Lemon.

Your old showerhead or bathtub might have a bunch of water stains from limescale or hard water. You can see those lines on metal and glass. You can clean it very easily with lemon. Normal cleaner can’t clean it properly.

To clean these marks use lemon. Cut the lemon and rub it on the stains. Leave it 10 minutes after rubbing. Then rinse it with warm water.

Clean your cast iron pan:

Need to use: Coarse sea salt.

Cast iron skillet is very essential for our kitchen. You need to care about it and use the proper way to clean it. Do not use general dishwashing soap, which might cause harm to the coating. There are several ways of cleaning cast iron skillet. We use coarse sea salt now. Spread coarse sea salt on the surface and it scrubs away the leftover residue. Do a little rinse at the end.

Clean Broom:

Need to use: Dishwashing soap, Hot water.

We use the broom to clean our home. Eventually, it got dirty and it also needs cleaning. You can clean it by using dish soap and hot water. Mix hot water and dish soap in a bowl. Then keep your broom in it for 15 to 20 minutes and after that clean it. Let it dry before using again.

Clean Glass Cooktop:

Need to use: Baking Soda, Dish wash soap.

Spread the thick layer of baking soda on your glass cooktop. Then soak a rag into the soapy water and squeeze on the glass cooktop. Keep the water lay on it for 15 minutes. Then scrub the soda away. You get a sparkling clean glass cooktop.

Clean Monitor and television screen:

Need to Use: Coffee Filter.

Cleaning monitors and television screens is a very hard thing. When you wipe it down, every time you find fibers traces behind. You can’t use strong chemicals to clean these.

Have you ever a coffee filter. Use a Coffee filter to wipe down any screen and get a perfectly clean screen every time.

Clean Porcelain Sink:

Need to Use: Baking Soda, Hydrogen peroxide.

Need to clean your dirty porcelain sink. Baking soda can help on it. Spread baking soda on your porcelain sink and make sure that it covers the area. Use the sponge to scrub it. Use hydrogen peroxide on a sponge and scrub it again. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with water. You will get the clean porcelain sink.

Clean excess dog hair:

Need to Use: Rubber Gloves.

We know that dogs are our best pets. Keep clean of dog can be quite harder. Dog hair can stick around the whole area when it touches anything. You can use rubber gloves to clean it. Simply put a kitchen rubber gloves on your hand and clean it. You can pick hairs easily when you use rubber gloves. You can also clean your dog house with it for a better pet home.

Clean showerhead professionally:

Need to use: Vinegar, Plastic bag.

Cleaning a bathroom is very essential for us. We are very aware of it. We usually pay not much attention to our shower head. Even we don’t know the best way of the cleaning showerhead. I have a solution to clean it up. Use a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Then tie it on the shower head and leave it for 4 hours. It will clean your whole shower head and make as it new.

You should choose a better shower head for better performance. You can find the best shower head review in our article. You can read it from here:

Clean your blender very easily.

Need to use: Dish Soap.

Don’t want to clean your blend with hand, then it can be very useful for you. Put few drop dishwashing soap in it and fill half with water. Run the blender and soap will clean your blender inside. After you are done, rinse with water.

Clean your sneakers easily:

Need to use: Toothpaste and old toothbrush.

We all are very concerned about cleaning our daily stuff. When it comes to sneakers then we are not paying much concern. Generally, we use water to clean sneakers. But water can’t wash it well. You can clean it with a simple hack. Use your old toothbrush and take little toothpaste on it. Then rub it on the dirty areas. It will clean your dirty sneakers. You can use it on the leather too. After doing it, wipe the shoes with a damp towel and you see the clean sneakers again.

Remove grease stains from clothing and related:

Need to use: Chalk.

Sometimes your favorite shirt, pant, skirt or other cloth can gain grease stain and you think that these clothes are not usable again. However, you can remove stains very simply with chalk. When you want to remove chalk stains from the cloth then gently rub chalk on the stain spot. Give some time, so grease can absorb a good amount of chalk. After that wipe it off and wash it normally. You see the magic after washing.

Get Sparkling Hardwood Floor.

Need to use: Vinegar, Castile soap, rubbing alcohol, Hot water, Spray Bottle.

We use the hardwood floor for luxury. Over time it gets dirty and becomes scuffed. We feel the hassle to clean it and also we think it never is clean and shiny as a new one.

But you can get sparkling clean and shiny hardwood floors again by using a simple mix. We need 4 ingredients to make the mixer. We need ½ cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon castile soap, ¼ cup rubbing alcohol, and 2 cups hot water. Mix all those and take them in a spray bottle.

Now spray the mixture on your floor and use mop to clean it. You get the shiny floor as new again.

Keep your toilet wand fresh:

Need to use: Pine-sol.

To keep your toilet wand smelling fresh and dry you can use pine-sol. When you keep your toilet brush in a brush holder then you can add very little amount Pine-Sol to the holder. It will not just keep your brush fresh but also it keeps your whole room fresh.


These are not all over. If you are with me then I will share more cleaning hacks with you. You can keep clean your home with these tips and get more ideas. If you have any more ideas then you can write to us. We will feature it.

We think that home cleaning is very difficult and not able to perform my own. But in this article, I show you that it is not so much a difficult part. You can do your own cleaning with your daily stuff. We are writing about different things. You can read our guide to save your home space with underdeck storage.

If you want to get more stuff from us then you can join our mailing list. We deliver tips, tricks directly on your inbox. Stay with us and share this with your friend.


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