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Best hot glue gun selection is very crucial in every day’s DIY, crafting, home improvement. Not just in those but also bookbinding, cartoon seeling and different kind of work in our daily life. A glue gun is a handy tool that can produce liquid glue by triggering a simple trigger.

The term of glue means adhesive. Different kinds of glue work in various methods. But the things are common that all kind glue is bond two or more surfaces that are not bonding spontaneously. It can bond such away, so they are not able to separate easily.

best hot glue gun

Different kinds of glues can bond wood, glass, metal, leather, and others. But the glue gun produces such kind glue that can bond almost every type of object.

There are a lot of varieties of glue guns are exist in the market. Some are high temperature, low temperature, cordless, with cord, mini and also full size. Corded glue guns are cheaper in the market, but it will variously limit you.

With some extension, you can turn over from this limit and work fluently. A non-corded glue gun will give you freedom for working outside and without electrical connection. Among different kinds of a glue gun, hot glue gun will be the best. Because mini glue gun’s stick will not long last, and full glue guns are hard to operate for household work. It creates a strong bond among surfaces and lasts long.

Difference between high and low-temperature glue gun:

A high-temperature glue gun can produce above 380 ° Fahrenheit. Even, industrial glue gun runs with such a temperature. If you need an instant grab and strong bond, then high-temperature glue gun is for you! It has long stability, flow glow smoothly, heat up faster, and works excellent with tough plastics, fabrics, metals, polyolefin, woods, floral, etc.

Low-temperature glue gun runs at the range of temperatures between 170 ° Fahrenheit to 250° Fahrenheit. It uses hold melt adhesive. It does not flow glue smoothly. Also, it does not heat up as quickly as the high-temperature glue gun does. Even, it does not last long and unable to create a tight bond. It used to sensitive materials like thin foil, Styrofoam, ribbon, etc.

How to use a hot glue gun:

The best glue gun can make your household work easier and faster. It is such a tool that applied to a variety of tasks. You have to know the proper use of it because it can be the cause of burns or fire for improper use.

Loading the hot glue gun  

Study user manual: Go over the user guide for the instruction of safety uses. Learn about the functionality of different parts of the best glue gun. By learning the guide, you will be able to know that, whether you should turn off or on the arm, beginning time of heating, duration of warm-up, etc. Also, it reduces the possibility of unwanted occurrences. Moreover, the guide can help you to choose the appropriate type and size of the glue gun for your project.

Check out the gun before use: Check your entire glue gun before use. Make sure that there is no damage and also check the electrical cord. If there is any fault, it can be dangerous or can happen in an accident. Due to its functionality, a glue gun is risky to use.

Remove old glue residue to ensure free nozzle: To get a clear vent, clean out it with an aluminum foil but never use water. Besides, with a toothpick clean the hole. Make sure that no more old residue remains before starting the new project. Keep unplugged your gun before handling nozzle.

Load glue stick: Most glue manufactured to fit any model of gun. At the time of buying a new glue stick check the instruction to be safe side. A fresh glue stick load into the back of the hot glue gun. Then, use the stick to finish. So, no need to load a new stick in your glue gun for each project.

Plug the cord of glue gun: Plug the cable of your glue gun into the socket. After then, start to warm glue gun’s heating elements. If, you have plugged in once never touch the nozzle. Some glue guns are cordless which lets you work freedom as you want. Also, you can extend your work range by using an extension cord.

Operate the glue gun:

Heat glue: Wait a while to molten the glue. Most guns take two minutes for heating up. But, for industrial hot glue gun requires more than five minutes to complete the heating process. After molting, the glue will drop out of the gun when pulling the trigger. Some gun model has on/off function. If, you have such one turn ”on” the switch before beginning heating up the glue.

Release the melt glue: Before starting the process, you should wear safety gloves to protect your hand from heat or any dangers. Hold the nozzle of your best glue gun downward and place closer to your surface what you want to glue. Lightly squeeze the trigger until dropping the molted glue. Apply glue to the surface directly. Before using the glue in the final project take a test by applying the useless or throwaway material.

Use as you need: A little glue can do a lot. So, start with a small amount of glue and then apply more if you need it. Using excess adhesive can be the cause of the softer surface become harder. The molted adhesive can flow suddenly when you pull the trigger. Also, you can use it efficiently even when you are careless.

Wait for dry: When you have finished gluing, remove the nozzle from them. If, you have used the model of gun that has an on/off function, in that case, place it in the “off” position. Then, leave the glue for a couple of minutes to dry. A strong bond will create within all glued surfaces, and it can be easy to hold or hang as the glue sets tight obligations.

Top five genius ways of using the best hot glue gun:

You can use the best glue gun for a different purpose. For example, plug up bath toys, decorating plain vase with the textured effect or paint design with the custom jar. Also, use to transform hanger-non-slip hanger, taking the slip out of slipper, to make crafty coral, create faux roman shades, to make favorite winter decoration, doodle on rolling pin to form custom roller stamp, etc.

Basic Repair: 

The best hot glue gun works well on essential household repairing. It does an excellent job of glue gun general usagesThe best hot glue gun that works well on essential household repairing. It does an excellent job of sealing the package. If your package regularly it can be part and parcel of the packaging system. Moreover, it makes your job easier and faster than packing tape. When hardcover separated from your old book, you have a chance to repair it with your glue gun. In that case, run a drop of hot glue upon the length of the spine. Then press the book and cover together. Also, the glue gun is a good toy repair kit. It is essential to repair plastics or fabric toys and can attach missing eyes, broken legs, hands or any other parts of the toy.

Fix Buttons:

Fix button glue gun

It works better on clothing materials. For example, button, zippered. At the time of getting dresses, if the button of your favorite jeans or top has fallen and you have no time to repair it.

In that case, you have a solution, reattach the button with the best glue gun easily and quickly. Drop glue where the button was sewed. Then place the button on it with some pressure to get a quick bond.

Make Expensive-Looking Christmas Ornaments:

glue gun for ornamentsYou can make excellent, gorgeous and expensive looking Christmas ornament with the best hot glue gun. Using glue gun make cute decorations to give to your Christmas tree as a gift! First of all collect the shape of the ornament, hot glue gun, and three ribbons from craft store nearby you. Cut down two ribbons to the length as you want to hand. Then, take another one and glue the first end of the shape of the ornaments. Finish wrapping the ribbon around ornaments. Use glitter, ribbons, and beads inside the ornaments to look it more gorgeous. Thus, complete your Christmas ornaments.

Decorate Windows for Holidays:

If you are not crafty or even not pre-experienced, you can easily decorate snowflakes for windows with the help of the best glue gun. It is the most common winter iconic symbol. Need baking paper, hot glue gun, string, and glitter glue sticks to make snowflakes. Layout a baking document to create a design pull the glue stick in the glue gun and press to get glue. When glitters come out, you can use it. According to your idea draw the design on the baking paper. If, you want to hang snowflakes add the string at the top and leave it to dry. Then, cover it with baking paper.

Kill Bugs:

Bugs are a very familiar thing in our household. Usually, they invest in your sleeping areas and then spread out all over the house. Take places on the corner of the house. In studies found that bugs and its egg cannot tolerate heat and dies within 5-6 minutes at 120° temperature.

You can use a hot glue gun to get rid of pests. Set a heat gun as the lowest temperature. Because 200 ° temperature is warm enough to kill it, remember, hold a gun above 4 inches from the surface and keep away your pets and children from the operational area.

Benefits of using a hot glue gun:

You will get a lot of benefits of using the hot glue gun. It becomes an ideal choice for its high bond strength and faster bonding, resistance to water and moisture characteristics. Moreover, it is cheap. Because of temperature and chemical resistance, power, and stability, it can use a wide range of purpose.

Stronger bonding: It makes strong bonding between the glued surfaces. Even, it can cause stronger bonding than many other glue guns. Also, the bond is water-resistant and strong enough to handle rough uses.

Faster bonding: The glue gun works very fast to forms a powerful bond. You do not need to spend more time to work with it. Moreover, it ensures you a better result with less effort.

Long stability: The best glue gun has a long stability characteristic. That’s why the bonding remains durable for a long time.

How to clean best hot glue gun easily!

To clean up hot glue gun remove old glue and debris. That has stored on the glue gun at the time of the previous project. You can remove it by using foil paper. If you want, you can also try with acetone.

Take aluminum foil: To clean up hot glue gun aluminum foil works as a good scrubber. Take a large piece of foil and roll up it as a big ball because it will help you to protect your finger from burning.

Scrub the top of the trigger: Clean the tip with foil ball. To scrubbing the tip rotate it or the nut and remove the glue and debris. But be careful that you do not injure by burning your figure.

Wipe the glue: After cleaning tip, rub the remaining parts of the gun with foil. If the gun is warm, the glue gun will remove easily and rub up most of the glue.

Heat the best glue gun: Set the glue gun on a silicon mat. On the top of glue put a piece of foil and rub the foil. It runs over with a blow dryer. To peel off, the glue gun should more stick to the foil. If need, repeat the process.

hot glue gun usage

You will be surprised that the best glue gun can do a variety of repairing jobs within faster and more natural ways. Among lots of tasks, the glue gun can help with decorating photo frames, designing Halloween costumes, making holiday decorations, creating the craft, etc.

It seems quite difficult to choose an appropriate gun among hundreds of hot glue guns from the market, in this case, the best five glue guns might help you to pick the right one for you! The hot glue gun can make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, that will help you to increase your creativity level.

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