How to save space with under deck storage

Under deck storage, a wonderful idea to save spaces. Storage is a big problem everywhere if you don’t have well pre-planned. In this guide, we tried to give you a clear guideline about the patio under deck that may the best solution to your storage problem.

First of all, you have to take the decision on whether you want to make wet storage or dry? In the wet storage, you can store all the items but not the things which allow water inside. But, you can put some small items in your wet storage with waterproof bins having tight-fitting lids.

under deck storage

On the other hand, if you make a dry under deck storage shed, you can put all the items whether it is waterproof or not. So, dry storage is always a good option we think, isn’t it?

Creating an under deck room for storage is an excellent idea because it doesn’t require any open place. You can easily make it inside or outside areas. To make the storage you also don’t have to spend a lot of money also.

Here you will find some ideas for under deck space that will help you to create storage under the deck. Let’s go to the core part of this guide and continue reading and to know all tips and tricks.

How you can utilize under deck space best?

It is important to think that which purposes you will use the under-deck space? If you decide it first then you can go for making the storage well. Here we give you some ideas about how you can utilize the space best. Take a look below.

  • Under deck storage shed

Most of the houses have raised the deck and the space under the deck almost remains unused. Space can be used for car parking. In fact, the raised deck is the right choice for making storage shed. You can easily make the space suitable for a car parking spot.

  • Dining area

This scenario is very common and most probably you saw it many times. If you have space under the deck to seat at least 4 persons together, you can install a dining table there. It is really one of the best places to set a dining table. You can connect the area to your kitchen with stairs or another way so that you can come and go to the kitchen easily.

  • Gaming area

Almost all people love to play indoor games such as carom, billiard, chess, and so on. Under deck space is the perfect space to install a gaming board. Your friends, guests, and all of your invited people will appreciate your decision and enjoy the game in space. Installing the board on the space doesn’t mean you are setting it forever, you can also move the gaming boards anywhere.

  • Putting anything in the storage under-deck-kayak-storage

There are many things in a house that need to store. If we don’t have any storage space then we need to put them inside the house which blocks other space. There always have many spaces remain unused under the deck in our house. And we can use them without any hassle.

We can make a patio under the deck for storing purposes. If you make it as waterproof you can store there anything.

It depends on the size of the storage what sizes and how many items you can put in the storage. So, if you make the storage under the deck space, you can store anything in it.

Best ideas about for under deck empty space

There are many options to use under deck empty space. You can create under deck room for storage both inside and outside the house. Here we provide some ideas for under deck space so that you can create the storage perfectly.

  • Lattice and skirting

Lattice and skirting is a good option if you want to create semi-private storage under the deck. Usually, the storage does not work as waterproof space but you can make it as waterproof. After making the storage you need to add a gate that has a lock option for extra protection.

  • Patio under deck

You may have seen this scenario in many houses. In fact, many house owners love to have a patio under deck storage. Usually, the storage lies on the front side of the house or beside the entrance. You can use the space for dining space, playing ground making it as open. On the other hand, you can also use it as storage for storing anything.

  • Storage areas

Under the deck is really a suitable place to build a storage room. You can make a room like structure under the deck where you can store your gardening tools, outdoor furniture, or anything. To give the extra security you should add a locked door to the storage.

What kind of deck or patio will best for you?

The functionality of under deck space greatly depends on what type of deck or patio you have. On the other hand, you should have to make the deck or patio depending on your needs. When you are talking about the deck, it is usually an open place and it has many advantages such as comfortable in the heat, customizable, resale value, etc. Wood is the best material to make a deck. You can easily customize it and a wooden made deck is also beautiful to look.


On the other hand, when you are looking for a patio, you should make waterproof under deck storage. Having waterproof storage means you can use it for storing any items. But, if the storage doesn’t waterproof you don’t store all the items. That is why making a waterproof patio is always the best decision.

Concluding Words:

In our daily life, we may have to face many problems but we cannot solve them easily though they have a simple solution. Right? Space or storage problem is one of them. Sometimes, we can’t make the decision where to set the dining table or where to store the gardening tools or occasional using furniture? But, we can solve these kinds of problems making under deck storage. While you trying to make these type storage then you need many tools and safety accessories. We recommend high-quality tools and also working pants for safety with other safety tools like a helmet, hand gloves, and others.

Here we provide superficial but clear ideas both on where you can make storage under the deck and how you can use the space. Come to the comment box if you have any quaere, we’ll reply soon.

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