How you Wash Bathroom Rugs in 3 best way?

Bathroom rug, an essential thing of your house! We also use the item every day several times. And we have to use it laying down on the floor. Do you how many times you swipe your feet on the bathroom rugs in a day? You never count it because you need to use frequently. Those are the reason it becomes dirty, and sometimes you need to wash bathroom rugs. Right?

You know bathroom rugs are not the same as your clothes. You can easily wash your clothes by hand or in a machine, but you should be careful about some factors before washing your bathroom rugs.

There are many ways to wash the thing, but all the processes are not right and best. That is why you should follow the best way so that your bathroom rugs remain safe and don’t get any damages. What is that?

Don’t worry, we will help you. And you can know how to wash the bathroom rugs in the best way from this guide. Keep reading and follow our instructions.

The basic mechanism to wash bathroom rugs:

Almost all the bathroom rugs you can wash with your hands and washing machine also. But you should know some simple tricks before washing the bathroom rugs so that you can properly clean without any difficulty.

First of all, shake the bathroom rugs to remove loose dirt or any messy particle. You can also brush to loosen the dirt. Use any process which you like to do.

Wash Bathroom Rugs

Secondly, drop the bathroom rug into the washing machine exposing the right side. It will be best if you wash two bathroom rugs at a time. It helps to maintain load balance and the chance of getting damage decreases. If you don’t have another bathroom rug, you can wash a towel with it.

Thirdly, use the right washing products rather than bleach. You can use the regular laundry soap or detergent. But you should not use bleach or any product which is acidic. The acidic component can damage the texture of your bathroom rugs. Then switch on of the washing machine and wait until the cycle is completed.

Then, you will dry the bathroom rugs. But which way will you use air dry or heat? You should use natural air to dry it. You know all the manufacturers use glue to fix the rubber materials. If you apply heat, the adhesive can be melted, and as a result, the bathroom rugs may get damage.

How to wash memory foam bath mat?

Memory foam is a special type of component that is used in the bathroom rugs providing softness and highest comfort. It also prevents leg fatigue and pain even standing for a long time. You can wash your memory foam bath mats and rugs easily in a simple way. Just follow the above point basic mechanism to wash bathroom rugs. Keep in mind; hot water is not preferable. The hot water may damage your memory foam bath mats. So, you should use cool water.

How to wash rugs in front load washer?

You know, most of the bathroom rugs can be cleaned in a washing machine. But, when you use front load washer, you should keep in mind that you cannot wash a single item. Wash at least two bathroom rugs. If not possible, clean another item such as a towel with the bathroom rugs. Otherwise, the balance will not be maintained. Never forget it.

Can you put a rug in the dryer?

The answer is clearly “NO,” not at all. Take a bathroom rug in your hand and look the foamy rubber materials are attached with the base by glue. If the glow is being melted, the rubber materials will leave from the place. So you cannot use a dryer in case of plastic or rubber bathroom rugs. But, if your bathroom rug is made of a special type of materials and the manufacturer says it is dryer safe then you can use it. So, check the instruction manual at first.

Can you wash rugs in the washing machine?

Usually, all the bathroom rugs are machine washable. There are a few bathroom rugs which are made of sensitive and high-quality special type materials which are not recommended for washing machines. You can check them on the user manual. Generally, most of the bathroom rugs are safe for washing machine

How to wash rugs by hand?

You can easily clean the bathroom rugs by the hands. Go to the outside and shake the bathroom rugs to remove loose dirt. Then use a brush to clean pet hair. Now, make a mixture of cool water and laundry soap or regular detergent. Pour the cleaning mixture over the bathroom rug and allow 5 minutes to set the cleaner on the rug.

Now, take a brush and rub the rug until it seems dirt free. Stop rubbing when you think all the dirt is removed. Then, wash the whole rug with water. And leave the rug outside for air dry. Simple!

How Often to Wash Bathroom Rugs?

Wash Bathroom Rugs

If you want to know the straightforward answer, I say once in a week. But, I want to tell you in detail. It solely depends on how much you use and your family’s cleanliness. If you have a small family and you get a shower one or 2 times a day, then you can wash once in a week. But, when you have a large family, and you notice the bathroom rugs get wet all the time then you should wash two times in a week or more.

I always advise washing the bathroom rugs as early as possible because mold, bacteria, and mildew can grow easily on the wet bathroom rugs. If you have kids in your house, you should be more careful about it.

Several Factors on Which Washing Bathroom Rugs Depends

The durability of a bathroom rug greatly depends on some factors. Here we only tell about the washing factors. You should concern about the following matters before every wash.

      • Use the right cleaning materials.
      • Remove the loose dirt by shaking before every wash.
      • Wash two rugs or with other mats when using a washing machine.
      • Use the optimum temperature (Not so cold & not so hot).
      • Always use air dry.

Tips to Wash Bathroom Rugs

Almost all the secrets already have discussed, but I just want to remind some words again.

  • Firstly, never forget to shake the rugs before wash.
  • Secondly, choose the right washing materials.
  • Thirdly, do not use hot water and finally air dry.

These tasks seem a very simple job, but you can realize the effectiveness if you mistake to do any task once. So, don’t make any mistakes.

Concluding Words

How is the cleaning process of bathroom rugs, easy or difficult? Undoubtedly it is a very easy and effortless process. But, many people ignore this item and continue using week to week, month to month. As a result, many molds, bacteria, mildew, and even fungus grows on the rungs. Is it healthy for your family?

That is why you should wash bathroom rugs at the right time. If you want to keep your bathroom rugs safeness and durability, follow this guide. I hope you’ll get the best result.

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